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Tuesday, October 4th, 2011 | Link to this Post

Try it Tuesdays - "Tie" Easy

So as mentioned yesterday Order Lipitor, , today's post is a simple tutorial on making a little boy's tie (ages 2-4 years). There are a handful of tutorials out there (i.e, Lipitor treatment. Lipitor maximum dosage, purl bee's) that outline more proper techniques and steps in putting a tie together. They usually involve interfacing and some hand sewing, Lipitor schedule, Where can i find Lipitor online, which if it wasn't for the two day time constraint and 12 little boys to sew for (and the fact that I really stink at hand sewing), I would have followed, Lipitor wiki. Doses Lipitor work,


I made up my own process using this pattern (You can also follow the instructions printed on the pattern, Order Lipitor. But I also found it to be too fussy for my goal of completing one tie in 30 minutes or less, low dose Lipitor. Generic Lipitor, Make sure you print at full-scale.)

(The tutorial is named "tie" easy... in Chinese, Lipitor samples, Real brand Lipitor online, "tie" means "too"... get it?.., Lipitor from canadian pharmacy. Order Lipitor, "too" easy... Taking Lipitor, ha. ha, Lipitor duration. Rx free Lipitor, ha.)

Since I didn't have my camera to take step-by-step pictures, I took the liberty of sketching it out for you, Lipitor canada, mexico, india. (Click on thumbnails for larger/readable versions.)

Very easy. You will need:

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Thursday, May 27th, 2010 | Link to this Post

"My mama said to never play with matches..."

This post is dedicated to Lulu :)

Have you guys seen fabric floral necklaces Zoloft Mg, . They seem to be becoming a very popular accessory, at least in the handmade world :)

Well, online buying Zoloft hcl, it's the end of the school year and teacher appreciation gifts are in order. Zoloft street price, So I decided to make a poppy-flower necklace (in addition to the main gift) for one of the teachers, and in the process, took some pictures to post as a tutorial for you, order Zoloft online c.o.d. It's very easy... Where can i buy Zoloft online, as long as you know how to cut a circle and like to play with matches ;) you can do this.

The Poppy Flower Necklace (No sewing machine required!)

You will need:

- 1/2 yard polyester (I like apparel linings from Jo-Ann's) [photo 1]
- some bling buttons or beads [photo 2]
- needle and thread
- scissors
- matches, lighter, and/or tea light
- satin ribbon


1, Zoloft Mg. Cut out 6 to 7 circles in graduating sizes [photo 3].
2, online Zoloft without a prescription. Set up your tea light (if you don't have one, Discount Zoloft, you can just use and hold a lighter in one hand... but it's much easier with a tea light or candle) [photo 4]
3. Zoloft Mg, Burn/melt the circumference of each circle, passing the edge quickly through the "glow" of the flame (don't pass it through the flame itself). Your edges should start turning black and curl a little, Zoloft from canada. This step is neat as it serves two purposes: One, Zoloft canada, mexico, india, to curl the fabric and two, to prevent the edges from fraying [photos 5 and 6].
4, no prescription Zoloft online. Layer your circle "petals" on top of each other so that the largest one is on the bottom. Make three, or however many you want [photo 7, 8, and 9], Zoloft Mg. Taking Zoloft, 5. Using the needle and thread, secure the layers of your petals through the center [photo 10]
6, kjøpe Zoloft på nett, köpa Zoloft online. Without pulling the thread and needle out, After Zoloft, attach/sew your bling button or bead [photo 11].
7. Zoloft Mg, Do this for all three [photo 12].
8, Zoloft images. Sew your poppies onto the ribbon. Zoloft samples,

How I thread my needle

1. Cut a piece of thread and fold it in half so that one end is looped [photo 1] and the other is not [photo 2].
2, Zoloft Mg. Thread the "un-looped" ends through the eye of the needle [photo 3] and pull until the looped end is longer than the un-looped ends [photo 4], Zoloft overnight.

How I secure and make the first stitch

1. Pass your needle through, but not all the way. You want to preserve a small loop [photo 1]. Zoloft Mg, 2. Make a small stitch right next to where you just came out [photo 2] and thread back to where you first entered, passing the needle through the loop as you do so [photo 3]. Now you have a clean first stitch. No more messy knots.

Now go make some of these easy peasy poppies and use them on sash belts, hair clips, clothing...

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Tuesday, May 11th, 2010 | Link to this Post

Crafting Equation and [Stuffed] Animal Abuse

Buy Synthroid No Prescription, I'll begin with the latter...

Since I was "one of those kids" who liked to disassemble Barbie dolls and give my stuffed animals "haircuts", it really shouldn't have come as a surprise to see this:

...or this:

Sigh. Synthroid treatment, Life must be hard for a stuffed animal. Especially one chosen to be some child's favorite...

But continue we must to the actual content of this post, my crafting "equation", purchase Synthroid online no prescription.

I rarely make anything "just because it's cute" and that requires more than a couple hours, Buy Synthroid No Prescription. Usually, several components have to come together before I sacrifice hours of my life where I should could be doing laundry or cleaning the bathrooms :) It goes something like this:

need + inspiration + takes less than 2 hours to complete + materials on hand =
Jen makes something

This is how my "All Ruffled Up for Spring" wreath came into being. Synthroid pics,


Shortly after I hung the very pink wreath I made last summer, I found the beginnings of a bird's nest:

I didn't want the birds to actually settle in considering that we're starting to open and close the front door as the weather gets warmer. So, a need for a new, online buying Synthroid, less-twiggy-and-bird-attracting wreath.


Sometime last year, Synthroid recreational, I came across this gorgeous wreath:

I immediately bookmarked it with intentions of making it someday...

Buy Synthroid No Prescription, Then about a month back, I was pleasantly surprised to see daffodils popping up in our landscaping:

At that time, Jeremy's dad had parked his yellow viper in our driveway. Yellow is such a happy color.

A couple days ago, I got this perfectly ruffled carnation:

Well, buy Synthroid without prescription, the yellow daffodils have since dried up. The viper is no longer gracing our driveway. Buying Synthroid online over the counter, And that carnation won't live forever. But that wreath.., Buy Synthroid No Prescription.

takes less than 2 hours to complete

But that wreath does not take less than 2 hours to complete. According to the lady who made the wreath, it took her 12 to 15 hours.., Synthroid without a prescription. not to mention cutting out 286 circles... I don't know. Buy Synthroid No Prescription, I really like that wreath (and kudos to the lady who made it!) but I just don't think I have the patience to see it through. Effects of Synthroid, However... I do know how to make ruffles... and make them fast...

materials on hand

No felt, Synthroid alternatives. But I have plenty of fabric, Buy Synthroid No Prescription. So much so I think I need an intervention. I'm so addicted to pretty patterns... What is Synthroid, and it doesn't help that there's a designer fabric store within walking distance from the kids' school...

So a need for new front-door decor, a desire to have something yellow in place of daffodils, a beautiful model to keep me inspired, purchase Synthroid, and plenty of material on hand, my own version of a ruffled wreath was born:

This took me a little less than an hour to do. Buy Synthroid No Prescription, If you feel so inclined to make one too, here is a quick tutorial:

The "All Ruffled Up for Spring" Wreath

You will need:
- 1.5 yards of fabric (I used 42" wide quilter's cotton)
- scissors or rotary cutter and mat
- ruler
- 18" wire wreath (I got mine at Jo-Ann's for $3.99)
- needle and thread
- sewing machine
- hot glue gun

1. With your fabric still folded selvedge to selvedge (the way it comes right off the bolt), cut 2-inch-wide strips across the length of the fabric. Where can i order Synthroid without prescription, (Your strips will initially be folded in half.) For my wreath, I cut a total of 26 strips:

2. Open up your strips, and two-by-two, with ends matching, Synthroid over the counter, sew the strips together:

3. You now have a very very long strip (Mine measured 91 feet long. I didn't actually measure it. Synthroid forum, I just used my calculator...)

4. Now set your sewing machine's tension and stitch length to the max (e.g. tension set at 9 and stitch length set at 5.0) and sew straight down the middle of your very long strip. It should ruffle up nicely as you go along:

5. Take one end of your ruffled strip and start folding it back and forth, about 2 inches at a time (similar to making a gigantic squiggle and then squishing it together) until you have a small ruffled-flower-like thing:

6. With your needle and thread, secure the layers by passing through a few times:

7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 a small section at a time until you reach the end, placing your ruffled flower bunches in the wreath frame as you complete them:

8. With your hot glue gun, secure the ruffles onto the frame, Buy Synthroid No Prescription. Alternatively, you can hand sew/secure the ruffles onto the frame.

9. If you're like me and ended up with some uneven spots, you can fill in the gaps with some pretty fabric flowers. (I'll be posting tutorials on how to make some next week!):

And here are some library totes that came about through the same crafting equation:

Calvin and Charissa love going to the library... a mini Wednesday ritual for us :).

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Wednesday, March 17th, 2010 | Link to this Post

Going Green

I never celebrate St. Patrick's Day. But it just so happened that this week's activities have all been "green" in some way. And so, a post unintentionally dedicated to St. Patrick.

I first got a taste of this spinach + banana muffins at my weekly mom's group meeting. Charissa couldn't stuff her face with them fast enough. So, of course, I had to get the recipe. Not only are they yummy and healthy (can't really beat whole wheat flour and spinach!), they're easy enough for kids to do too. We baked these during our "Craft and Learn" session yesterday afternoon:

Here is the link to the mommy-fied pdf version of the recipe. It was written in such a way so that Calvin could read and dictate the steps to me.

Okay, so one "green" thing is not really enough to make a St. Patty's day post. So last night I put together a little polka-dotted green skirt for Charissa to wear to school:

Since I don't plan to get a serger anytime soon, I recently learned how to french seam my sewing projects. It encloses all raw edges so that the inside of the garment looks just as nice and neat as the outside.

And since this day seems to be all about green, I decided to be a little "green" myself by re-purposing a used dryer sheet and a fabric tag from a pair of pants I recently bought. Together, they became a reusable sachet thingy filled with scented baking soda to help absorb some of the smell in the mudroom:

This is a great project for a beginner sewer, so I will post a very quick and simple "tutorial" (if you can even call it that) for those of you who have mentioned to me that you'd like to learn. Well, now you have no excuse because this is super easy and super useful :)

Simple Hanging Sachet Tools and Materials - used dryer sheet - scrap fabric - Arm & Hammer scented baking soda (I found mine in the household cleaner and "smelly" - i.e. Glade candles - section of Target) - button - pin - scissors, needle, thread, sewing machine Instructions 1. Fold the dryer sheet in half, and then in half again the other way so you have a "double layered" rectangle. 2. Sew up two of the sides. You should now only have one side open (Figure 1). 3. With a funnel, fill the dryer sheet pocket about 3/4 full with the baking soda (Figure 2). 4. Sew the opening shut. You now have a cute little scented pillow! (Figure 3) 5. Cut your scrap fabric so that you have two pieces (front and back) that is 1/2" larger on all sides than your scented "pillow". (Figure 4) 6. With right sides facing each other, sew along the sides and bottom using a 1/4" seam, clip the corners (Figure 5), then turn the whole thing right-side out. You now have a cute little baggie! 7. Sew a button at the top of the baggie (optional). 8. Pop your pillow into the little baggy you just made and pin the top together with a safety pin (refer to above photo. You can also sew a looped ribbon instead... it would be less ghetto than mine.) 9. Hang over a smelly spot and enjoy the freshness! You can make additional dryer sheet pillows to replace this one when the baking soda loses it's potency.

I've seen better tutorials out there. But this literally took me 15 minutes to do, and there's nothing like instant gratification and encouragement than to be able to see a finished project in such little time!

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Saturday, August 1st, 2009 | Link to this Post

Saturday Morning Crafts

Before I detail today's craft adventures, I just have to wonder, how did Charissa end up getting neon green play-doh in her nose?! It's so far in, that even after a bath and some good ol' nose picking, there's still a chunk left in there...

Miniature Ice Cream Parlor

So most of the crafts we have been doing are more or less geared towards Calvin's interests. To be fair, I decided on something more up Charissa's alley (e.g. anything involving food) and came across these cute pom-pom ice cream cones. I didn't have tiny beads on hand, so I used perler beads instead:

Calvin made one, Charissa made the rest. The pom-poms were a bit hard to glue down (I used Elmer's glue so the kids could do it themselves, but a hot glue-gun would have worked better) and the perler beads were a bit too big to really look like sprinkles. So it got me thinking about how I could make the craft easier to accomplish in the future, and so came this mini-tutorial...

Cotton Ball Ice Cream Cone


  • cotton balls
  • brown paper (cardstock, or printer paper colored with a brown marker or crayon)
  • Elmer's glue
  • cupcake or cookie sprinkles
  • small ruler (optional)


  • With the brown paper, cut a 3"x3" square, and then cut diagonally across to make two triangles
  • Using a small ruler, fold your triangle into three sections so it resembles a mini-plane (refer to photo below).
  • Wrap the folded sides of your triangle and glue together to form the cone.
  • Cut the top part of your cone to make a flat opening.
  • Put some glue on the inside-top edge of the cone and stuff a cotton ball inside. Feel free to add extra cotton ball "scoops" on top.
  • Drizzle some glue on top and dip into a small container of sprinkles.

Framed Hand Prints

I came across this cute project here. It's a great alternative to messy hand printing with paint or clay imprints, not to mention you can easily frame and keep it as a memento! I didn't have any decent patterned paper so I used cardstock and printer paper instead:

I've been digging through the archives at The Crafty Crow. There are so many great projects... my list of to-do crafts is getting longer and longer... I should probably stop and go fold the laundry...

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