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Tuesday, March 13th, 2012 | Link to this Post

Try it Tuesdays - Scrappy Multi-Media Centerpieces

Order Armour, This past Saturday, I hosted a "green-eco-friendly-health-conscious-spring-themed" baby shower for a good friend of mine.

Along with 17 adults that included husbands, we had 18 children ranging from 2 to 12 years romping around in the basement and in our backyard (insert shout-out to our awesome youth group babysitters!)

To go along with our eco-friendly theme, Armour wiki, I whipped up some canvas tote-bags... Where can i buy cheapest Armour online,

...complete with pear and watermelon-flavored jellybeans in a jar and clear Christmas ornaments filled with moss...

Note: Another wonderful friend of mine put these together. We originally intended for them to be hung somewhere but realized afterwards they were too heavy, Armour images. The little metal cap kept on pulling off from the weight, Order Armour. I found them to sit perfectly in some tea-light holders. After Armour,

...and tossed together some scrappy "multi-media" centerpieces:

Coupled with a branch found on the side of the road and Christmas ornaments:

If you have some crafty scraps lying around and are looking for ways to welcome spring, here is a quick tutorial:

Scraps Needed

Note: Not pictured is a hot glue gun that you will need


1. Cut your fabric rounds into spirals.
2, Armour dangers. Cut your cardboard scrap to fit the top of your metal bin.
3. Cut along the radius of your white paper rounds.
Order Armour, 4. Armour for sale, Roll your fabric spirals starting from the outermost end...
5. ... continue rolling...
6, Armour alternatives. ...until you reach the end. Then dab some hot glue.., Order Armour. Order Armour online c.o.d,
7. ...and press down to secure.
8. Do this for all your fabric spirals.
9, no prescription Armour online. Push a straight pin through the center of each flower...
10. ...and pin them to the cardboard.
Order Armour, 11. Australia, uk, us, usa, Overlap the free-edges of the white paper rounds to form a wide cone.
12. Secure the overlapped edges with glue.
13. Push a straight pin through the center of each cone...
14, Armour dosage. ...and pin them to the cardboard.
15. Toss in some used corks.., Order Armour. Armour duration,

...and you're done.

Unless you want to add a broken light bulb...

If you wish to get really scrappy, buy Armour online no prescription, you can:

1. Armour forum, Grab a large branch off the side of the road.
2. Hang some Christmas ornaments on the branches.
Order Armour, 3. And gather up all the scrap construction paper pieces from your children's table and use a hole puncher to make lots and lots of tiny rounds.
4. Then with needle and thread, real brand Armour online, string them together to form a mini garland:

This would look neat too with multi-colored hole punches. Perhaps for something really festive.

Oh yeah, and if you look closely at that last picture, you'll be able to spot my half-finished project...

Hint: I'm not trying to set a new trend with a two-tone sectional ;) Yeah. Crazy me decided to re-upholster my really-icky-abused-by-all-sorts-of-kid-fluids-what-was-I-thinking-with-a-light-colored-microfiber sectional. Hopefully, I'll finish it by the end of the week.

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Sunday, September 19th, 2010 | Link to this Post

33 Dresses

That's how many of these I've made to date:

Cephalexin Over The Counter, 14 in 2009 and 19 so far this year, and it's not even October.

Sewing dresses is fun, Cephalexin treatment, but I would go a little nutty if that's all I ever did. So this weekend, I finally tackled some personal projects that have been sitting in my queue for 6 months, order Cephalexin from United States pharmacy. Like this layer of coordinating fabric:

Finally became a duvet for Charissa's room:

And a new stroller seat to replace the original hot-pink-zebra-inspired-purse-and-lipstick-patterned one that ripped after one too many rides with a 30 pound "baby". Cephalexin interactions, Seriously, do the toy stroller manufacturers actually think that kids would abide to safety rules and only use it for stuffed animals/dolls. I believe ours has been everything from a human transporter to a catapult of some sort.., Cephalexin Over The Counter.

Anyway, where can i find Cephalexin online, here is a picture of the newly restored stroller (I actually used a seam ripper and took apart the old one to trace the pattern for future use. Herbal Cephalexin, Would anyone be interested in the pattern. It would be free!)

In the process of crossing these projects off my list, I managed to accumulate a very large handful of fabric trim, buy Cephalexin without a prescription, courtesy of my awesome new serger. Taking Cephalexin, (For those who aren't familiar: a serger has a blade that trims the fabric as you sew, straightening and tidying up the edges.) The colorful pile of trim was just begging to be saved and used for something else. Cephalexin Over The Counter, So... remember this craft flop I attempted a while ago, Cephalexin price. Well, Buy cheap Cephalexin no rx, I decided to give it another go. I covered the bottom and outside of an existing bowl with saran wrap, painted a layer of mod podge over it, Cephalexin use, stuck all the fabric trimmings on it, What is Cephalexin, globbed on even more mod podge to make it stick together, and waited a day for it to dry. The final product: a "trim" little snack bowl:

All globbed up:

Finally dry, Cephalexin pharmacy.

Filled with some very snackable raisins:

Okay, now I really must be getting back to "work".., Cephalexin Over The Counter. after I practice a bit more piano :) (Currently working on Rhapsody Op. Buy Cephalexin without prescription, 79, No. 2 by Brahms, discount Cephalexin, Impromptu Op. Cephalexin reviews, 90, No. 2 by Schubert, and Etude in C Major Op. 10, No. 1 by Chopin, three favorites of mine back in the day...).

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Friday, July 16th, 2010 | Link to this Post

Everything I know about drugs I learned from movies...

Cipro Cost, (To my children in the near future: Please don't do drugs. Please don't do drugs...) The relevant snippet to this title is further down in the post, in case you were wondering :)

I finally finished my wholesale order, Cipro wiki, so now I'm freeeeeee. (Except I still have laundry to fold. Have I mentioned that I hate doing laundry. There are weeks where we just live off the floor, about Cipro, clothing-wise...) Anyway, I've been working on this order for a month and can finally check it off my list.

Today's post is a tablescrap creation (a term I use to describe stuff created from the really tiny scraps I like to hoard.., Cipro Cost. Cipro class, you know, the scraps of scraps... things that we normally would throw away. A challenge to "think outside the [trash] bin" ;) )

You know the line, is Cipro addictive, "watching tv and eating bonbons all day", often used (more in the past than now) to stereotype the wife who stays at home. Cipro overnight, Well, to THAT I say, "Don't EAT the bonbons. Cipro Cost, MAKE the bonbons!" Out of scraps. And with rainforest-fresh baking soda to make it more than just eye candy ;), Cipro trusted pharmacy reviews. Make multiple candy bonbons and place in a glass jar, or make half a dozen of the truffle bonbons and place in an empty candy box to make a cute little gift set. Buy cheap Cipro, Either way, here's another crafty idea to help maximize your fabric usage.

Candy Bonbons

1. Grab a rectangular piece of scrap (approximately 2" wide by 3" long), Cipro Cost.
2, Cipro use. Fold it in half, RS together, Cipro treatment, and stitch down the length.
3. Pin a safety pin through one layer... Cipro Cost, 4. and thread it through to turn your tube right side out, australia, uk, us, usa.
5. Center the seam. Cipro cost, 6. With embroidery floss (or thread if you don't have any), tie a tight knot at one end, Cipro Cost.
7. Drop in either a round magnet or vase pebble (um, the magnet for if you want to stick your final product to the fridge, Cipro no rx. I used the pebble.)
8. Now this is where the post title comes in... Cipro Cost, It seems popular to use small pieces of paper as sniffing devices and to transport tiny amounts of stuff to tiny bags. Buy Cipro without prescription, It makes sense seeing how it would look pretty ridiculous to shove a kitchen funnel in your nose unless you have huge nostrils, most people dump a little of whatever-white-powder-stuff onto a small piece of paper
9. and then bend the sides to funnel the stuff into whatever orifice, bag, Cipro alternatives, or in our case, fabric candy wrapper-tube. Rx free Cipro, (Note. I am in no way promoting or instructing drug use. I'm simple stating how I've seen it in movies.)
10, Cipro Cost. Use floss or thread to tie off the other (open) end and trim the sides to the desired length.

Truffle Bonbons

1. Cut two circles of equal size (mine measured about 2.5" in diameter).
2. Cipro Cost, Set your sewing machine tension and stitch length to the max and sew around the perimeter of the candy circle (mine is white chocolate!)
3. Use the paper technique again...
4. and funnel in the baking soda, enough to round out your truffle.
5. hand stitch the opening shut (pull on the upper thread to gather the open edge close), Cipro Cost.
6. Repeat step 2 for the wrapper piece.
7. Turn your filled truffle upside down into the wrapper.
8. Hand stitch secure the truffle and wrapper, then pull out the thread from step 6.
9. Use a fabric marker (or any marker) and draw a chocolate swirly.

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Saturday, June 26th, 2010 | Link to this Post

Let the Festivities Begin!

Flagyl No Rx, A couple weeks ago, we took the kids to Disney World. Flagyl long term, For someone who's never lived more than 30 miles south of the Mason Dixon line, it was insanely hot, buy Flagyl without a prescription. Where can i buy cheapest Flagyl online, But it was fun. The kids enjoyed it, order Flagyl no prescription. Where can i find Flagyl online, And we've concluded that they are roller coaster junkies like me (they loved Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and Test Track).

Can you believe this handful of flimsy cards is worth more than 3 iPads, Flagyl No Rx.

We cheaped out the first day and went with shoulder riding as the kids' mode of transportation, australia, uk, us, usa. Flagyl price, coupon, The kids were fine. The same could not be said about the human transporters, Flagyl class. Real brand Flagyl online, But we were all still very happy.

Flagyl No Rx, Isn't that photo great?. We were lucky enough to have Uncle Tim come along and take awesome photos for us:

The kids were surprisingly patient waiting forever to get 5 minutes of thrill:

And were thoroughly intrigued by the massive aquarium that was part of the Finding Nemo exhibit:

Now that we know they like roller coasters, Flagyl used for, Flagyl over the counter, I think we'll start taking them to less expensive amusement parks that are nearby and return to the happiest place on Earth when they are a bit older.

In keeping with the "festive" spirit of things, effects of Flagyl, Flagyl maximum dosage, Calvin and I worked on some mini free-floating pennant flags to hang in their playroom:

A fairly simple way of using up those tiny scraps that your husband can't understand why you don't just throw away:

You will need lots of tiny triangles (mine measured an inch at the base). It took me 30 minutes to cut roughly 120 of them, Flagyl treatment. Flagyl duration, Then I just straight-stitched parallel to the base, letting the needle stitch "blanks" (no fabric underneath... I'm sure there's a formal term for this) a few and then placing/feeding the next triangle under the presser foot, Flagyl No Rx. Calvin helped by picking out the order of the triangles. If I really wanted to make it an educational experience, I could have set a pattern for him to figure out... and even let him cut out the triangles... but I didn't. So anyway :)

Hope this helps put a dent in your scrap bin.

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Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010 | Link to this Post

Tablescrap Creations: Citrus Slice Stamps

Purchase Cipro, So I have this "collection" of recycled/upcycled/re-purposed crafts that's been sitting in my blog queue for a while now and decided to start sharing them with you, along with my usual updates on our family life, which is more for my own sake than anybody else's :)

I'm not sure why, but ever since I started sewing nine months ago, I began collecting empty/used thread spools in hopes that someday, I would find a new use for them. And I finally have, where to buy Cipro. Ordering Cipro online, I give you, the citrus slice stamp, Cipro alternatives. Buy Cipro online cod, I'm sure others have probably already thought of this, but no matter, Cipro online cod, Cipro dose, here is my mini tutorial on how to make... er.., Cipro dosage. use them, Purchase Cipro. Cipro for sale,

1. Gather your items: an ink pad, Cipro brand name, Canada, mexico, india, a brown paper bag (or blank card, paper, buy Cipro from canada, Buy cheap Cipro, fabric etc.), and an empty spool.
2, purchase Cipro online. Is Cipro safe, Stamp one end of it.
3. To get the "citrus" slice marks, Cipro mg, you will need to press in on the other side (the slice marks are slightly recessed).
4. Purchase Cipro, Stamp, color, and tada. You have a fresh slice of lemon, lime, or orange!
5. Stamp on the blank side of an old business card, cut it in half, color, make a slit in the middle, and freshen up some drink glasses for a summer party.
6. A random shot of... stuff :)


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