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Wednesday, August 10th, 2011 | Link to this Post

Not quite...

...old enough for a "nice" group shot:

But perfectly fitting in regards to a real-life portrait :) (Pictured here with their god siblings Buy Armour No Prescription, ). Armour natural,

When Charissa was two, I bought a half-gallon of perler beads with this crazy notion that it would be a good "bonding" craft to do with her, Armour recreational. Doses Armour work, Yeah. It is a good bonding craft, where to buy Armour, Purchase Armour, just not at two when their chubby fingers are more likely to grab a handful to stick in their mouth. (It's colorful, is Armour safe. Like candeee!)

Anyway, I had to wait two more years before finally living this mother-daughter fantasy of mine, Buy Armour No Prescription. Buying Armour online over the counter,

We started off just filling in the different shapes with random colors:

(Fingers are still chubby :) )Then decided to attempt a more thematic approach, namely, my Armour experience, Armour wiki, anything that was round:

She did some, I did some, ordering Armour online. Armour results, It took us 2 weeks to complete. (And in that two weeks, rx free Armour, Armour from mexico, I sorted the entire half gallon of beads. I counted 30 different colors.., purchase Armour online. Armour images, Hmmm... I think I'm beginning to exhibit some OCD traits...) Anyway, here are the "round" things we came up:

We hot-glued them onto a piece of board (the back of a broken picture frame), and voila. Perler bead art. To commemorate quality time spent with one another :).

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