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Tuesday, March 13th, 2012 | Link to this Post

Try it Tuesdays - Scrappy Multi-Media Centerpieces

Order Armour, This past Saturday, I hosted a "green-eco-friendly-health-conscious-spring-themed" baby shower for a good friend of mine.

Along with 17 adults that included husbands, we had 18 children ranging from 2 to 12 years romping around in the basement and in our backyard (insert shout-out to our awesome youth group babysitters!)

To go along with our eco-friendly theme, Armour wiki, I whipped up some canvas tote-bags... Where can i buy cheapest Armour online,

...complete with pear and watermelon-flavored jellybeans in a jar and clear Christmas ornaments filled with moss...

Note: Another wonderful friend of mine put these together. We originally intended for them to be hung somewhere but realized afterwards they were too heavy, Armour images. The little metal cap kept on pulling off from the weight, Order Armour. I found them to sit perfectly in some tea-light holders. After Armour,

...and tossed together some scrappy "multi-media" centerpieces:

Coupled with a branch found on the side of the road and Christmas ornaments:

If you have some crafty scraps lying around and are looking for ways to welcome spring, here is a quick tutorial:

Scraps Needed

Note: Not pictured is a hot glue gun that you will need


1. Cut your fabric rounds into spirals.
2, Armour dangers. Cut your cardboard scrap to fit the top of your metal bin.
3. Cut along the radius of your white paper rounds.
Order Armour, 4. Armour for sale, Roll your fabric spirals starting from the outermost end...
5. ... continue rolling...
6, Armour alternatives. ...until you reach the end. Then dab some hot glue.., Order Armour. Order Armour online c.o.d,
7. ...and press down to secure.
8. Do this for all your fabric spirals.
9, no prescription Armour online. Push a straight pin through the center of each flower...
10. ...and pin them to the cardboard.
Order Armour, 11. Australia, uk, us, usa, Overlap the free-edges of the white paper rounds to form a wide cone.
12. Secure the overlapped edges with glue.
13. Push a straight pin through the center of each cone...
14, Armour dosage. ...and pin them to the cardboard.
15. Toss in some used corks.., Order Armour. Armour duration,

...and you're done.

Unless you want to add a broken light bulb...

If you wish to get really scrappy, buy Armour online no prescription, you can:

1. Armour forum, Grab a large branch off the side of the road.
2. Hang some Christmas ornaments on the branches.
Order Armour, 3. And gather up all the scrap construction paper pieces from your children's table and use a hole puncher to make lots and lots of tiny rounds.
4. Then with needle and thread, real brand Armour online, string them together to form a mini garland:

This would look neat too with multi-colored hole punches. Perhaps for something really festive.

Oh yeah, and if you look closely at that last picture, you'll be able to spot my half-finished project...

Hint: I'm not trying to set a new trend with a two-tone sectional ;) Yeah. Crazy me decided to re-upholster my really-icky-abused-by-all-sorts-of-kid-fluids-what-was-I-thinking-with-a-light-colored-microfiber sectional. Hopefully, I'll finish it by the end of the week.

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Wednesday, March 17th, 2010 | Link to this Post

Going Green

I never celebrate St. Patrick's Day. But it just so happened that this week's activities have all been "green" in some way. And so, a post unintentionally dedicated to St. Patrick.

I first got a taste of this spinach + banana muffins at my weekly mom's group meeting. Charissa couldn't stuff her face with them fast enough. So, of course, I had to get the recipe. Not only are they yummy and healthy (can't really beat whole wheat flour and spinach!), they're easy enough for kids to do too. We baked these during our "Craft and Learn" session yesterday afternoon:

Here is the link to the mommy-fied pdf version of the recipe. It was written in such a way so that Calvin could read and dictate the steps to me.

Okay, so one "green" thing is not really enough to make a St. Patty's day post. So last night I put together a little polka-dotted green skirt for Charissa to wear to school:

Since I don't plan to get a serger anytime soon, I recently learned how to french seam my sewing projects. It encloses all raw edges so that the inside of the garment looks just as nice and neat as the outside.

And since this day seems to be all about green, I decided to be a little "green" myself by re-purposing a used dryer sheet and a fabric tag from a pair of pants I recently bought. Together, they became a reusable sachet thingy filled with scented baking soda to help absorb some of the smell in the mudroom:

This is a great project for a beginner sewer, so I will post a very quick and simple "tutorial" (if you can even call it that) for those of you who have mentioned to me that you'd like to learn. Well, now you have no excuse because this is super easy and super useful :)

Simple Hanging Sachet Tools and Materials - used dryer sheet - scrap fabric - Arm & Hammer scented baking soda (I found mine in the household cleaner and "smelly" - i.e. Glade candles - section of Target) - button - pin - scissors, needle, thread, sewing machine Instructions 1. Fold the dryer sheet in half, and then in half again the other way so you have a "double layered" rectangle. 2. Sew up two of the sides. You should now only have one side open (Figure 1). 3. With a funnel, fill the dryer sheet pocket about 3/4 full with the baking soda (Figure 2). 4. Sew the opening shut. You now have a cute little scented pillow! (Figure 3) 5. Cut your scrap fabric so that you have two pieces (front and back) that is 1/2" larger on all sides than your scented "pillow". (Figure 4) 6. With right sides facing each other, sew along the sides and bottom using a 1/4" seam, clip the corners (Figure 5), then turn the whole thing right-side out. You now have a cute little baggie! 7. Sew a button at the top of the baggie (optional). 8. Pop your pillow into the little baggy you just made and pin the top together with a safety pin (refer to above photo. You can also sew a looped ribbon instead... it would be less ghetto than mine.) 9. Hang over a smelly spot and enjoy the freshness! You can make additional dryer sheet pillows to replace this one when the baking soda loses it's potency.

I've seen better tutorials out there. But this literally took me 15 minutes to do, and there's nothing like instant gratification and encouragement than to be able to see a finished project in such little time!

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