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Tuesday, October 30th, 2012 | Link to this Post

The Letter of the Day is...

Armour No Rx, "F" is for Five Guys... Rx free Armour, Fall... Family.., ordering Armour online. Armour reviews,


...Fluffies.., Armour no rx.

...and Fighting, Armour No Rx. Armour samples,

After much deliberation, the kids decided to be ninjas for Halloween, real brand Armour online. Armour duration, 'Tis a busy mother's dream come true with only belts and sword-sticks to make and easily re-wearable-store-bought hoodies, pants, Armour photos, Buy generic Armour, and ski mask.

A menacing lot with a one-eyed bandit.., online buying Armour. Armour dose,

...an undercover model...

Armour No Rx, ...and a mischievous charmer...

Fighting, Armour overnight. Armour cost, It's a dangerous thing.

Especially when words are in play, buy cheap Armour no rx. Is Armour addictive, So I made some guidelines for all to follow:

Good reminder. Even for the adults :) If only relationships were always this pleasant.., Armour No Rx.

And if you're keen on making the felt flower wreath, here is a quick visual tutorial... just in time for my irregular "Try it Tuesdays" post:

Felt Floral Wreath Tutorial

(You will also need glue dots or hot glue.)

Super quick and easy.

Ta da.


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Tuesday, March 13th, 2012 | Link to this Post

Try it Tuesdays - Scrappy Multi-Media Centerpieces

Order Armour, This past Saturday, I hosted a "green-eco-friendly-health-conscious-spring-themed" baby shower for a good friend of mine.

Along with 17 adults that included husbands, we had 18 children ranging from 2 to 12 years romping around in the basement and in our backyard (insert shout-out to our awesome youth group babysitters!)

To go along with our eco-friendly theme, Armour wiki, I whipped up some canvas tote-bags... Where can i buy cheapest Armour online,

...complete with pear and watermelon-flavored jellybeans in a jar and clear Christmas ornaments filled with moss...

Note: Another wonderful friend of mine put these together. We originally intended for them to be hung somewhere but realized afterwards they were too heavy, Armour images. The little metal cap kept on pulling off from the weight, Order Armour. I found them to sit perfectly in some tea-light holders. After Armour,

...and tossed together some scrappy "multi-media" centerpieces:

Coupled with a branch found on the side of the road and Christmas ornaments:

If you have some crafty scraps lying around and are looking for ways to welcome spring, here is a quick tutorial:

Scraps Needed

Note: Not pictured is a hot glue gun that you will need


1. Cut your fabric rounds into spirals.
2, Armour dangers. Cut your cardboard scrap to fit the top of your metal bin.
3. Cut along the radius of your white paper rounds.
Order Armour, 4. Armour for sale, Roll your fabric spirals starting from the outermost end...
5. ... continue rolling...
6, Armour alternatives. ...until you reach the end. Then dab some hot glue.., Order Armour. Order Armour online c.o.d,
7. ...and press down to secure.
8. Do this for all your fabric spirals.
9, no prescription Armour online. Push a straight pin through the center of each flower...
10. ...and pin them to the cardboard.
Order Armour, 11. Australia, uk, us, usa, Overlap the free-edges of the white paper rounds to form a wide cone.
12. Secure the overlapped edges with glue.
13. Push a straight pin through the center of each cone...
14, Armour dosage. ...and pin them to the cardboard.
15. Toss in some used corks.., Order Armour. Armour duration,

...and you're done.

Unless you want to add a broken light bulb...

If you wish to get really scrappy, buy Armour online no prescription, you can:

1. Armour forum, Grab a large branch off the side of the road.
2. Hang some Christmas ornaments on the branches.
Order Armour, 3. And gather up all the scrap construction paper pieces from your children's table and use a hole puncher to make lots and lots of tiny rounds.
4. Then with needle and thread, real brand Armour online, string them together to form a mini garland:

This would look neat too with multi-colored hole punches. Perhaps for something really festive.

Oh yeah, and if you look closely at that last picture, you'll be able to spot my half-finished project...

Hint: I'm not trying to set a new trend with a two-tone sectional ;) Yeah. Crazy me decided to re-upholster my really-icky-abused-by-all-sorts-of-kid-fluids-what-was-I-thinking-with-a-light-colored-microfiber sectional. Hopefully, I'll finish it by the end of the week.

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Tuesday, April 5th, 2011 | Link to this Post

Synthroid Cost, Try it. Tuesdays - Injecting Spring

I love fall and winter, Synthroid dangers. Purchase Synthroid for sale, But seriously, I am so sick of snow, Synthroid for sale. Synthroid price, It would be nice to step outside and see some colors besides white, gray, Synthroid dose, Synthroid from mexico, and brown.

Maybe that's why I went more bold with choosing paint colors for my kid's rooms, fast shipping Synthroid.

Sigh, Synthroid Cost. Where can i order Synthroid without prescription, I love painting. Instant gratification, Synthroid without prescription. Synthroid price, coupon, And a nice break from sitting in front of my sewing machine.

A while back, Synthroid street price, Where can i find Synthroid online, I did a trade with Cranberries and Capers. Synthroid Cost, She is a master of color coordination.

I used the butterscotch yellow and light pink clip as my inspiration for Charissa's room:

I know, Synthroid class. Synthroid steet value, A bit on the bright side. But I wanted the room to reflect Charissa's happy and giggly nature :)

I only had to paint one wall in Calvin's room:

And just because, Synthroid images, I decided to dress up a cute little beer bottle (Yes. I am that desperate for spring):

I have no idea what I'm going to do with this now. But in case you're itching to see some signs of life or add some color, here are two fun projects to try out.

From the crafting chicks:

So pretty and simple.

And from decor hacks, a fun sticker project.

...now I want to go and paint the rest of my house...

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Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011 | Link to this Post

Armour For Sale, Try it. Tuesdays - Shoe Saver

During my previous NYC excursion last October, Armour australia, uk, us, usa, Is Armour addictive, I purchased a pair of $100 flats. Long story, Armour brand name. Buying Armour online over the counter, These were (until two days ago when I broke down and bought myself some tall leather boots), my most expensive pair of shoes.., Armour forum. Buy Armour from canada, by like $70. So I was bit irritated when, just after three wears, they were deflowered somewhere in SOHO, Armour For Sale.

Not happy, after Armour. Buy Armour no prescription,

After much deliberation, I decided to remove the flowers completely and make my own:

And of course, Armour trusted pharmacy reviews, Armour duration, actually attach the darn things onto the shoes with something more secure than hot glue.

Fairly simple shoe-saver project that only requires some strips of fabric (or black lace in my case from an old shirt), buy Armour without a prescription, Armour price, needle and thread, and braiding skills :)

It was a bit scary seeing the shoes in a semi-destructed state:

I cut six strips of lace measuring around 3" wide by 24" long, discount Armour, Armour samples, secured three of them on one end and braided the entire length.

Coiled the braid in a circular pattern and hand stitched the layers together as I went to prevent it from uncoiling, online Armour without a prescription. Armour For Sale, Stitched the "flowers" onto the shoe and was done.

The original flowers were still in decent shape, so I attached them to a hair tie. You know the tell-tale sign of a SAHM... where their wrists become permanent pony-tail holders... yeah, well, at least this way, you can sport them in style ;)


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Thursday, October 1st, 2009 | Link to this Post

Quickie Updates

Ahhh, better late than never right? :) I've been "busy resting" to hopefully keep myself from going into labor before October 14! As of Tuesday, I'm now at 2 cm. Woohoo! 20% there :) Dress-Up is for Boys Too! Calvin's been really into dress-up lately. Not the princess-and-tutus kind (thank goodness!), but the Spiderman/ODST kind (truly, he is Jeremy's son!) He's pretty creative with his "outfits", using his school backpack and various toys as his gear pack and silenced SMG:

Fabulous Finds I love Target. The other day, I spied this tea-light holder in the dollar section, which will work great as intended (holiday table centerpiece?), or as a nicer alternative to the egg-carton paint station:

I'm also thinking of using it as a bead sorter when Charissa gets old enough to make some girly jewelry! "OMG Mom... what were you thinking?!" That's what I imagine my kids will say to me in about 12 years as they flip through our photo album:

Matching outfits... I just couldn't resist... I finally got around to making Charissa her own little fall tunic, had some extra scrap fabric laying around, and sewed a pair of matching shorts for Calvin and baby (not pictured). My children are going to hate me for this... Anyway... A Simple Crafty Indulgence I really stink at knitting. I get so impatient with seeing a final product that the longest scarf I've ever made was only about 12 inches. But I did give it a shot and even bought pretty yarn to motivate myself which now sits neglected in a big basket inside my closet. So when I came across this idea, I immediately pulled out my stash and made a few:

And here is a little appreciation doll I made for one of my Etsy store customers posing with the flowers:

Speaking of appreciation, one of my customers sent me a picture of her daughter wearing the dress she bought from my store:

An Attempt I'm attempting my first-ever online catalog for Growing Up with Charissa. I'm curious to see how it sells. Oh, and if you're interested, here's an article on the boutique shop in Ohio that is selling the "My Little Pumpkin Tunic" and "Thankful Hearts Holiday Dress".

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Monday, August 3rd, 2009 | Link to this Post

A Punch of Color

So I've been looking for a way to add some "curb appeal" to our house. I've already dug out most of the weeds (or at least I think they were weeds) and dead things (can you tell I'm a regular gardener ;)) from the front area of the house (the sides and back are another story...), and now I'm left with a grey house with black shutters and lots of green shrubs and grass. I'm on the hunt for an outdoor bench and have been looking for an inexpensive wreath to add some punch to our otherwise drab color scheme. Jeremy was kind enough to look after the kids tonight so I could go out, run some errands, and spend money in peace :). Anyway, Jo-Ann Fabrics currently has their "spring inspirations" flower collections for 70% off. So I stood there for a good 2 hours staring at all the picked-through and rather ugly and cheap-looking flowers. I couldn't get myself to shell out $60 for a bunch of the nicer (and not on clearance) florals. For that kind of money, I'd rather go to Crate & Barrel and buy one in their outlet store. After changing my mind a bazillion times and grabbing a 1.5 quart of Edy's Slow-Churned Limited Edition Mud Pie ice cream from Wegmans, I rushed home in hopes of being able to re-create what I have envisioned in my mind. After 30 minutes and a lot of hot glue, my punch of color was complete for just $15:

I hope Jeremy is okay with pink... It looks fine... at 10 p.m. We'll see how it holds when daylight comes...

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