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Tuesday, October 30th, 2012 | Link to this Post

The Letter of the Day is...

Armour No Rx, "F" is for Five Guys... Rx free Armour, Fall... Family.., ordering Armour online. Armour reviews,


...Fluffies.., Armour no rx.

...and Fighting, Armour No Rx. Armour samples,

After much deliberation, the kids decided to be ninjas for Halloween, real brand Armour online. Armour duration, 'Tis a busy mother's dream come true with only belts and sword-sticks to make and easily re-wearable-store-bought hoodies, pants, Armour photos, Buy generic Armour, and ski mask.

A menacing lot with a one-eyed bandit.., online buying Armour. Armour dose,

...an undercover model...

Armour No Rx, ...and a mischievous charmer...

Fighting, Armour overnight. Armour cost, It's a dangerous thing.

Especially when words are in play, buy cheap Armour no rx. Is Armour addictive, So I made some guidelines for all to follow:

Good reminder. Even for the adults :) If only relationships were always this pleasant.., Armour No Rx.

And if you're keen on making the felt flower wreath, here is a quick visual tutorial... just in time for my irregular "Try it Tuesdays" post:

Felt Floral Wreath Tutorial

(You will also need glue dots or hot glue.)

Super quick and easy.

Ta da.


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Thursday, May 5th, 2011 | Link to this Post

Synthroid Dosage, Teach it. Synthroid from mexico, Thursdays - Kids Unplugged

Despite living without cable TV ever since we got married (almost eight years ago!), keeping our kids "unplugged" is a constant struggle, buy generic Synthroid. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, Not that we think computers and video games are bad, but we don't want them to become the only things they ever think about or want to do, order Synthroid from United States pharmacy. Order Synthroid online c.o.d, Which is proving to be a challenge for Calvin.

So I've made a "kids unplugged" box filled with photos/cards of various activities and crafts to mitigate the "Mommy, Synthroid dose. I'm bored, Synthroid Dosage. Synthroid pics, I don't know what to do" syndrome. All (except the food face one) are from my own collection of activities over the years, ordering Synthroid online. Synthroid alternatives, And more will be added as I come across others that I think they will enjoy.

(You can click on the photo for a larger view.) The goal isn't to have them copy what's on the card, buy no prescription Synthroid online, Synthroid steet value, but to let the photo and simple instruction/idea to inspire some creativity and imagination. Synthroid images. Synthroid dangers. Synthroid no prescription. Synthroid treatment.

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Thursday, April 7th, 2011 | Link to this Post

Retin A Mg, Teach it. Retin A schedule, Thursdays - April showers...

...bring May FLOWERS.

This was such a fun project to do with Charissa, Retin A without a prescription. Retin A gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, No "during" pictures since my fingers had paint on them. But what an entertaining way to learn about colors and spend some quality mother-daughter time :)

Sort of a "duh" moment, canada, mexico, india, Buying Retin A online over the counter, but I realized today that pretty much anything can be turned into an educational experience for kids. From mundane household chores, to cooking, to crafting, to explaining why it is not appropriate to shout out "Hey mom, Retin A Mg. What a funny small man!" whenever they spot the midget who works at our local Wegman's, buy Retin A online cod. Rx free Retin A,

On a side note, I recently discovered that Connect Four can keep an 18 month old quite busy, buy generic Retin A. Retin A pictures, Letting your toddler fill in all the slots will not only improve his fine motor skills, but (hopefully) give you at least 10 minutes to daydream.., online buy Retin A without a prescription. Retin A over the counter, or play with your new iPad... which is what I'm going to go do now.., Retin A pics. Retin A trusted pharmacy reviews,


My iPad, in Peptol Bismol pink, order Retin A online overnight delivery no prescription. Retin A dosage,


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Wednesday, September 15th, 2010 | Link to this Post

Don't rain on my parade...

...unless your rain is made of colorful cork rounds!"

Here is another idea to add to the crafting realm of recycled corks:

Diflucan Dosage, A tribute to my first dinner date in college, where my "date" constantly "rained on my parade" - asking me about my dreams in life and quickly drowning them in his own cynical views. Diflucan recreational, Yeah. I avoided him for the rest of my college career.., buy Diflucan online no prescription. Diflucan results,

Anyway, a very easy project that involves slicing used corks into rounds and painting and stringing them with needle and thread to hang on a long bamboo skewer (or any type of rod/popsicle stick/ chopstick you can find), fast shipping Diflucan. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal,

In the buff (pretty darn looking already. I almost put them in a frame, all lined up, and called it a day.)

But I didn't, Diflucan Dosage. Instead, order Diflucan online c.o.d, Diflucan street price, I borrowed my kids' paints and brush and colored away.

Strangely therapeutic, effects of Diflucan. Online buying Diflucan, Too bad my kids were in school or I would have had them join in on the fun. After the paint dried, where can i cheapest Diflucan online, Purchase Diflucan online, I needled-and-threaded them to hang on a bamboo skewer. I made three; two for the playroom:

Diflucan Dosage, and one for the basement play area, framed and topped with a cutout of a cloud out of some scrap fleece:

This would work too as a colorful hanging mobile (you'd probably want to beef up the cloud though... like sew two of them together and stuff it with some polyfill...)

In other news, low dose Diflucan, Diflucan overnight, a new Christmas dress:

And an outtake (Argh there Santa. .., Diflucan duration. Diflucan images, or someone... like grandparents... because our kids don't believe in Santa...)

(I have a wall dedicated to our family children's photos, Diflucan Dosage. I'm debating whether to put the "nice" pictures up, or the funny outtakes... that would make for a fairly interesting conversation piece, especially for neighbors and new people... "So I see there is something wrong with your children... Either that or you have a strange sense of humor... Okaaay... I think I'll leave now...").

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Monday, August 30th, 2010 | Link to this Post

Deep Down in My Heart

Synthroid No Rx, "At the end, I want my life to be unexplainable apart from the Gospel and Holy Spirit."

This past Sunday's sermon was particularly inspiring to me. A good reminder that the fruit of a Christian's life isn't necessarily measured by how many people you've been able to lift out of poverty or orphans you've managed to save, Synthroid recreational, Purchase Synthroid, but rather:

"...the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, online buying Synthroid, Rx free Synthroid, peace, patience, order Synthroid online overnight delivery no prescription, Australia, uk, us, usa, kindness, goodness, Synthroid street price, Synthroid pictures, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.., Synthroid overnight. Synthroid interactions, Let us not become conceited, provoking and envying each other."
Galatians 5:22, Synthroid coupon, Synthroid used for, 26

Along with the handful of scheduled (academic) activities Calvin and Charissa do each day (tracked with the awesome sticker chart), I've been helping them memorize Bible verses, Synthroid no prescription. Where can i buy cheapest Synthroid online, I decided that the Romans Road to Salvation would be a good starting point (Romans 3:23, 6:23, Synthroid samples, 5:8, 10:9-10). The theology is a bit too deep for them to completely comprehend, but as it says in Psalm 119:11

"I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you."

...which prompted me to make this heart pocket pillow to literally "hide" their verses inside. A sort of "hands on" literal reinforcement of the importance of knowing God's word, Synthroid No Rx.

The process of making the heart pocket pillow is similar to making a lined tote bag. And the uses for something like this extends beyond memory verses: encouraging or thoughtful notes for someone special or small toys for infants. Or substitute the heart with a tooth for a tooth fairy pillow. Click here to download the PDF tutorial. Synthroid No Rx, This past weekend, we brought the kids to a local farm to play:

jump on a giant bouncy pillow:

and play some miniature golf. Calvin's got the hang of it:

Charissa is definitely showing potential... in the sport of kitchen-floor-broom-sweeping:

Poor baby Stephen; Still too young to join in on the fun:

I also managed to make a second holiday dress for Charissa and the shop:

Seemingly nice and sweet... until you see this outtake:

Yes. I quickly removed the wooden box prop. So... un-lady like. Totally not the look I was going for.

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Thursday, August 5th, 2010 | Link to this Post

I'm Back!

Tramadol For Sale, Music & Bible camp/VBS is over and I can finally get back to blogging and making stuff. (By the way, Tramadol from mexico, have you guys been to Crap I've Made. I wish I thought of that blog title... ) Anyway, cheap Tramadol no rx, here are some things I've been working on:

A "Montessori" bag for Calvin (Charissa's is still in progress):

Room enough for 12 markers, Tramadol brand name, folder or notebook, Goodbyn lunchbox, and water bottle:

A new dress that's got me thinking about when I want to start the kids on piano and violin:

A cardigan that's been floating in my head for a while now:

And another upcycled project that I will share with you now:

I remember playing with something similar to these when I was little, online buying Tramadol. You stand and balance on the top of the cans and pull/move with the "ropes". My mother-in-law had given me a bunch of empty Shaklee cans and I've been waiting for the right project to use them, Tramadol For Sale. Low dose Tramadol, The "ropes" are just strips of fabric braided together, and if you feel inclined to make a pair for your own children, here is a quick tutorial:

1, where to buy Tramadol. You will need a power drill with a 1/4" drill bit. Where can i buy Tramadol online,

2. Drill two holes on opposite sides of a sturdy can (the shorter the can, the easier it will be for kids to use, buy cheap Tramadol no rx. Formula cans may work well too.)

Tramadol For Sale, 3. Using pinking shears or a pinking blade, Cheap Tramadol, cut three 1" by 88" strips of fabric (you will need to sew strips together end-on-end to get the length you need.)

4. Layer the ends of the strips together.

5, Tramadol steet value. Roll up the end as tight as possible, Tramadol from canada,

6. and thread it through the hole, Tramadol For Sale.

7. Tie a knot, my Tramadol experience,

8. Real brand Tramadol online, and pull through.

Then just braid the strips together and secure the other end of the strips in the same manner.

Calvin had a lot of fun practicing walking on them:

And for those of you who know my kids, Tramadol used for, here's a recent clip of them dancing away. Tramadol maximum dosage, They were much less reserved when I didn't have the camera on them. Once they knew I was recording, they toned it down a bit :)


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Friday, July 16th, 2010 | Link to this Post

Everything I know about drugs I learned from movies...

Cipro Cost, (To my children in the near future: Please don't do drugs. Please don't do drugs...) The relevant snippet to this title is further down in the post, in case you were wondering :)

I finally finished my wholesale order, Cipro wiki, so now I'm freeeeeee. (Except I still have laundry to fold. Have I mentioned that I hate doing laundry. There are weeks where we just live off the floor, about Cipro, clothing-wise...) Anyway, I've been working on this order for a month and can finally check it off my list.

Today's post is a tablescrap creation (a term I use to describe stuff created from the really tiny scraps I like to hoard.., Cipro Cost. Cipro class, you know, the scraps of scraps... things that we normally would throw away. A challenge to "think outside the [trash] bin" ;) )

You know the line, is Cipro addictive, "watching tv and eating bonbons all day", often used (more in the past than now) to stereotype the wife who stays at home. Cipro overnight, Well, to THAT I say, "Don't EAT the bonbons. Cipro Cost, MAKE the bonbons!" Out of scraps. And with rainforest-fresh baking soda to make it more than just eye candy ;), Cipro trusted pharmacy reviews. Make multiple candy bonbons and place in a glass jar, or make half a dozen of the truffle bonbons and place in an empty candy box to make a cute little gift set. Buy cheap Cipro, Either way, here's another crafty idea to help maximize your fabric usage.

Candy Bonbons

1. Grab a rectangular piece of scrap (approximately 2" wide by 3" long), Cipro Cost.
2, Cipro use. Fold it in half, RS together, Cipro treatment, and stitch down the length.
3. Pin a safety pin through one layer... Cipro Cost, 4. and thread it through to turn your tube right side out, australia, uk, us, usa.
5. Center the seam. Cipro cost, 6. With embroidery floss (or thread if you don't have any), tie a tight knot at one end, Cipro Cost.
7. Drop in either a round magnet or vase pebble (um, the magnet for if you want to stick your final product to the fridge, Cipro no rx. I used the pebble.)
8. Now this is where the post title comes in... Cipro Cost, It seems popular to use small pieces of paper as sniffing devices and to transport tiny amounts of stuff to tiny bags. Buy Cipro without prescription, It makes sense seeing how it would look pretty ridiculous to shove a kitchen funnel in your nose unless you have huge nostrils, most people dump a little of whatever-white-powder-stuff onto a small piece of paper
9. and then bend the sides to funnel the stuff into whatever orifice, bag, Cipro alternatives, or in our case, fabric candy wrapper-tube. Rx free Cipro, (Note. I am in no way promoting or instructing drug use. I'm simple stating how I've seen it in movies.)
10, Cipro Cost. Use floss or thread to tie off the other (open) end and trim the sides to the desired length.

Truffle Bonbons

1. Cut two circles of equal size (mine measured about 2.5" in diameter).
2. Cipro Cost, Set your sewing machine tension and stitch length to the max and sew around the perimeter of the candy circle (mine is white chocolate!)
3. Use the paper technique again...
4. and funnel in the baking soda, enough to round out your truffle.
5. hand stitch the opening shut (pull on the upper thread to gather the open edge close), Cipro Cost.
6. Repeat step 2 for the wrapper piece.
7. Turn your filled truffle upside down into the wrapper.
8. Hand stitch secure the truffle and wrapper, then pull out the thread from step 6.
9. Use a fabric marker (or any marker) and draw a chocolate swirly.

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Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010 | Link to this Post

Tablescrap Creations: Citrus Slice Stamps

Purchase Cipro, So I have this "collection" of recycled/upcycled/re-purposed crafts that's been sitting in my blog queue for a while now and decided to start sharing them with you, along with my usual updates on our family life, which is more for my own sake than anybody else's :)

I'm not sure why, but ever since I started sewing nine months ago, I began collecting empty/used thread spools in hopes that someday, I would find a new use for them. And I finally have, where to buy Cipro. Ordering Cipro online, I give you, the citrus slice stamp, Cipro alternatives. Buy Cipro online cod, I'm sure others have probably already thought of this, but no matter, Cipro online cod, Cipro dose, here is my mini tutorial on how to make... er.., Cipro dosage. use them, Purchase Cipro. Cipro for sale,

1. Gather your items: an ink pad, Cipro brand name, Canada, mexico, india, a brown paper bag (or blank card, paper, buy Cipro from canada, Buy cheap Cipro, fabric etc.), and an empty spool.
2, purchase Cipro online. Is Cipro safe, Stamp one end of it.
3. To get the "citrus" slice marks, Cipro mg, you will need to press in on the other side (the slice marks are slightly recessed).
4. Purchase Cipro, Stamp, color, and tada. You have a fresh slice of lemon, lime, or orange!
5. Stamp on the blank side of an old business card, cut it in half, color, make a slit in the middle, and freshen up some drink glasses for a summer party.
6. A random shot of... stuff :)


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Tuesday, May 11th, 2010 | Link to this Post

Crafting Equation and [Stuffed] Animal Abuse

Buy Synthroid No Prescription, I'll begin with the latter...

Since I was "one of those kids" who liked to disassemble Barbie dolls and give my stuffed animals "haircuts", it really shouldn't have come as a surprise to see this:

...or this:

Sigh. Synthroid treatment, Life must be hard for a stuffed animal. Especially one chosen to be some child's favorite...

But continue we must to the actual content of this post, my crafting "equation", purchase Synthroid online no prescription.

I rarely make anything "just because it's cute" and that requires more than a couple hours, Buy Synthroid No Prescription. Usually, several components have to come together before I sacrifice hours of my life where I should could be doing laundry or cleaning the bathrooms :) It goes something like this:

need + inspiration + takes less than 2 hours to complete + materials on hand =
Jen makes something

This is how my "All Ruffled Up for Spring" wreath came into being. Synthroid pics,


Shortly after I hung the very pink wreath I made last summer, I found the beginnings of a bird's nest:

I didn't want the birds to actually settle in considering that we're starting to open and close the front door as the weather gets warmer. So, a need for a new, online buying Synthroid, less-twiggy-and-bird-attracting wreath.


Sometime last year, Synthroid recreational, I came across this gorgeous wreath:

I immediately bookmarked it with intentions of making it someday...

Buy Synthroid No Prescription, Then about a month back, I was pleasantly surprised to see daffodils popping up in our landscaping:

At that time, Jeremy's dad had parked his yellow viper in our driveway. Yellow is such a happy color.

A couple days ago, I got this perfectly ruffled carnation:

Well, buy Synthroid without prescription, the yellow daffodils have since dried up. The viper is no longer gracing our driveway. Buying Synthroid online over the counter, And that carnation won't live forever. But that wreath.., Buy Synthroid No Prescription.

takes less than 2 hours to complete

But that wreath does not take less than 2 hours to complete. According to the lady who made the wreath, it took her 12 to 15 hours.., Synthroid without a prescription. not to mention cutting out 286 circles... I don't know. Buy Synthroid No Prescription, I really like that wreath (and kudos to the lady who made it!) but I just don't think I have the patience to see it through. Effects of Synthroid, However... I do know how to make ruffles... and make them fast...

materials on hand

No felt, Synthroid alternatives. But I have plenty of fabric, Buy Synthroid No Prescription. So much so I think I need an intervention. I'm so addicted to pretty patterns... What is Synthroid, and it doesn't help that there's a designer fabric store within walking distance from the kids' school...

So a need for new front-door decor, a desire to have something yellow in place of daffodils, a beautiful model to keep me inspired, purchase Synthroid, and plenty of material on hand, my own version of a ruffled wreath was born:

This took me a little less than an hour to do. Buy Synthroid No Prescription, If you feel so inclined to make one too, here is a quick tutorial:

The "All Ruffled Up for Spring" Wreath

You will need:
- 1.5 yards of fabric (I used 42" wide quilter's cotton)
- scissors or rotary cutter and mat
- ruler
- 18" wire wreath (I got mine at Jo-Ann's for $3.99)
- needle and thread
- sewing machine
- hot glue gun

1. With your fabric still folded selvedge to selvedge (the way it comes right off the bolt), cut 2-inch-wide strips across the length of the fabric. Where can i order Synthroid without prescription, (Your strips will initially be folded in half.) For my wreath, I cut a total of 26 strips:

2. Open up your strips, and two-by-two, with ends matching, Synthroid over the counter, sew the strips together:

3. You now have a very very long strip (Mine measured 91 feet long. I didn't actually measure it. Synthroid forum, I just used my calculator...)

4. Now set your sewing machine's tension and stitch length to the max (e.g. tension set at 9 and stitch length set at 5.0) and sew straight down the middle of your very long strip. It should ruffle up nicely as you go along:

5. Take one end of your ruffled strip and start folding it back and forth, about 2 inches at a time (similar to making a gigantic squiggle and then squishing it together) until you have a small ruffled-flower-like thing:

6. With your needle and thread, secure the layers by passing through a few times:

7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 a small section at a time until you reach the end, placing your ruffled flower bunches in the wreath frame as you complete them:

8. With your hot glue gun, secure the ruffles onto the frame, Buy Synthroid No Prescription. Alternatively, you can hand sew/secure the ruffles onto the frame.

9. If you're like me and ended up with some uneven spots, you can fill in the gaps with some pretty fabric flowers. (I'll be posting tutorials on how to make some next week!):

And here are some library totes that came about through the same crafting equation:

Calvin and Charissa love going to the library... a mini Wednesday ritual for us :).

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Wednesday, April 7th, 2010 | Link to this Post

Get On Your Soapbox!

I love hoarding and looking through catalogs (especially, Land of Nod, Room and Board, Crate and Barrel, just to name a few). Not for the sake of making a purchase, but for inspiration and ideas.

I came across these cute hanging books in PBKids:

They don't actually sell these, but were adorable enough to garner some of my attention and creative juices. I toyed around with the idea of recovering some old books, but then the Asian side got to me ("Whaaa?! That better not be your Calculus textbook ah!") Plus, they would too cumbersome to hang (can you imagine a book falling on some kid's head while they're reading next to that floppy green frog?) Reconstructing cereal boxes? Nah, too big. Things seem to be cuter when they're mini. But I liked the idea of reusing/recycling something old, just needed something smaller...

A SOAPBOX! (Which I discovered while taking a shower.) And a few pages from all those phone books that keep on sprouting up next to my front door...

So if anyone is interested in making something similar, here is a mini tutorial.

You will need: - scissors - empty soap boxes - scrap fabric (or pretty paper, construction paper, newspaper, brown bag paper...) - old phone book - glue - ribbon, string, or thread (I used thread) - tape

1. Grab an empty soap box... 2. and your stash of fabric scraps. 3. Open up the soapbox. 4. Cut off all the tabs. 5. Get coordinating fabrics for the spine and main cover. 6. Cut a piece of fabric to fit the spine (forgot to take picture) and glue it on. Put some glue on the "cover" area of the box and put it face down on the fabric. 7. Trim off the edges and cut squares at the corners. Fold and glue down the flaps. 8. You now have an empty book. 9. Grab the phone book. 10. Rip out some pages and cut and fold them to size. Then put some glue on the folded edge and place in your book. Hang, with a piece of thread looped through the spine and taped to the ceiling, to dry.

Easy and fun :) Took me about 30 minutes to complete all 3. And they are light enough to hang with Scotch tape... and not kill anyone if they decide to fall...

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