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Boys will be boys...

The other day, while fabric shopping, Calvin says to me, "Mommy, make me something!" Poor kid, the only handmade thing he's gotten from me so far is that felt pillow I sewed together as practice... and it's already starting to pill like mad. (Not like Charissa has it any better. She gets all my shop "rejects" and experiments to prance around in, and then she has to pose for me in the nice stuff that she will never get wear again...) So to settle my guilt, I let him choose his very own fabric to be made into pajama pants. And he picked this:

I tried showing him other designs and patterns to see if I could get him to choose something a bit "better looking". But he was very adamant about the skulls and flames... boys will be boys...

Speaking of which, he had his first dental checkup the other day and loved it! (I think us bringing him along to our past cleanings helped him feel at ease about all the whirly tools...) Since he was so cooperative, he got to pick a "prize" from a little booklet. And of all things, including cool dinosaur figurines and cars, he chose vampire teeth... that are too big for his mouth...

He's been chasing Charissa around with this thing hanging out of his mouth for the past two days. She hates it. "Ewww! What is this?!"

Despite his boyish taste, Calvin has a very gentle and compassionate heart. He always helps me open the door when I'm carrying groceries into the house, without me ever asking him to... and he puts his shoes away neatly on the shoe rack after taking them off and helps Charissa with hers too!


4 Responses to “Boys will be boys…”

Janet Says:

LOL hahaha that is hilarious!! so is this a trend away from cars and dinosaurs towards skulls, vampires, etc???! =P

Mandy Says:

He is so sweet!!!

Footprints » Blog Archive » Milestones Says:

[...] almost forgot, I am modeling a tie-appliqued shirt that I designed. All by myself. That skull-and-flame fabric is pretty [...]

Sue Says:

So cute! Too bad I can’t see them in real life. :-)

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