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Never Too Cold for Ice Cream

Right now it's 68 here in Penfield, NY. I bet all you people further south would be jealous :) I'm just kidding, but 68 is perfect weather for a pregnant lady who only has seven more weeks to go! I feel like (and look like) a whale. I must say the comfortable breeze is a soothing reminder of God's graciousness towards me (sort of like when God provided Jonah with that big old weed for shade...)

Despite it being so cool, we decided to go out for ice cream the other night. Our first time at Abbott's!

Speaking of first-times, the night before last, we went to the bowling alley with the grandparents. The kids had a ball (hahaha... okay, sorry for the bad pun...)

Calvin was great at keeping track who's turn was next and waiting for his, and at one point, he even had the same score as Jeremy ;)

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