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Just Add Water

So this post is meant to be a form of encouragement for those of us who are feeling the pressure, stress, and guilt of (not) being the perfect mother, or even a good mother at that...

I haven't bathed my children in 5 days!

(I hope my in-laws aren't gagging in horror right now... don't worry, they'll be clean - enough - by the time we go bowling tonight... read on...)

Don't ask why, it just didn't happen. So my solution to two dirty kids? Just add water - and a bar of soap we swiped from some hotel. Not only do they have fun "cleaning" one another, they even went as far as cleaning their deck toys.

I think we'll still throw them in the tub for a real bath later on tonight... :)

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2 Responses to “Just Add Water”

Priscilla Says:

You do make me feel better about being a mom!!

Julie Says:

nice! i feel SO encouraged now! haha..i’m not the only one.

(hehe. sry, i’ve been sitting on ur blog reading old and new posts. heh)

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