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Ma Petite Cuisine

I think as a parent, it's hard not to live vicariously through your children. I am pretty careful about not making them do things that I wished I did at their age but that they have no interest in. However, when our "interests" collide, I take full advantage! So came this little wooden kitchen project.

I've always wanted a small wooden play kitchen. Ever since seeing some adorable sets from Land of Nod and Pottery Barn Kids, I've been thinking of ways of setting up my own, at a fraction of the cost ($300 for a stove and sink seems a bit high for something they'll play for a few years). Anyway, Calvin loves to build things. So for the past week, we've been putting together our own "petite cuisine" using stuff around the house. It's definitely no where near as fancy as the catalog version, but we had a lot of fun putting it together (I, undoubtedly, had more fun than he did):

We used two wooden wine crates for the base, an Ikea picture frame for the countertop, tupperware for the sink, two coasters for the stove, caps from body splash bottles for the faucet handles, an empty sprinkles jar and hardware remnant for the faucet itself, clip-frame backing for the oven door and blacksplash, popsicle sticks for the oven handle, binder clips for the oven hinges, some cork coasters for decoration, large buttons from one of the kids bead-stringing activity, and lots and lots of wooden screws and hot glue! It's not as cleverly or well put together as I would like, but for zero money spent, it will do!

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4 Responses to “Ma Petite Cuisine”

Mandy Su Says:

It reminds me that I used to cook Chinese Chess as “stinky tofu” in my small kitchen =P

janet Says:

oo cool! you got around to making one!

Amy Says:

wow again i’m super impressed! i think it looks great, and it so much cooler than one you can simply buy. wanna make naomi one!? haha

elaine Says:

your blog is so much fun to read! i haven’t really done anything crafty since the wedding (i still have a whole box of those marble magnets). calvin/charissa can practice being the next food network star! (BTW, ricky and i are addicted to watching Top Chef Masters…it’s pretty entertaining for foodies!)

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