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Recycled Crayons

Ever since I stumbled upon this craft with crayons, I've had "silicon bakeware" on my "to buy" list. I don't usually like to do kiddie crafts where I have to invest money in supplies or tools, but this particular project is on the fence between crafts-we-will-eventually-discard and crafts-mommy-wants-to-do-herself-and-keep. So I got one from Walmart in their July 4th clearance aisle (still a bit expensive IMO at $7). Calvin and I had a lot of fun breaking the crayons by hand and then watching them melt in our toaster oven. (Actually, we didn't have to break too many since Calvin had previously gone through a stage where he would spend hours peeling crayons and breaking them into smaller pieces to build a rainbow "bridge". I was stuck with a huge bowl of broken crayons...):

They turned out so pretty that the kids were hesitant to use them. Instead, they kept on stacking them to make cookie towers. I liked them so much I actually made another tray so I could have a full jar of recycled star crayons to bring out when the kids have playdates.

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One Response to “Recycled Crayons”

Amy Says:

this is such a cool idea. can’t wait to try some of these out when naomi is older

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