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Motivating Organization

I recently came across a template for some adorable mini tabbed folders. I've been thinking of an excuse to make them and finally came up with one! Jeremy likes me to keep all household receipts, a chore that I've found I'm not very good at. I've tried the taping-receipts-into-a-notebook system, but it's too much trouble to have to get out the notebook, find some tape, and then arrange the crumpled receipts so they don't stick out too far from the page. I've also tried the stash-everything-into-a-bucket method, which really didn't work. So I decided to give the mini-folder system a shot. I made a total of six folders, five of them corresponding to stores we frequently shop at and one for "other":

I think these just might be pretty enough for me to want to stay organized...

Speaking of organization, here's a site that offers a bunch of free labels. I printed out some and used them for my kitchen canisters:

Oh, and I almost forgot, the labels used for the mini receipt folders are from here. They are intended for use with these personalized hand soap gifts you can have your children make.

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