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Getting Crafty with Corks

In the process of purging and packing for our move to Rochester, I came across our large collection of wine and champagne corks. Not wanting to bring any needless stuff into our new place, I decided to chuck them. I now regret doing that (but only slightly since collecting them isn't so hard for our household). Jeremy and I went out on a dinner date to Rooney's the other night (will post a review soon) and brought a bottle of champagne with us (free corkage during August!) In the middle of chewing my over-done sea scallops, I glanced over at the cork and, for a moment, it turned into a cute little mushroom. So after we got home, I took out my paints and brushes and made the vision into a reality:

It took a mere 5 minutes to complete. And after I was done, I wished I had more of them to paint. I could start a little mushroom garden...

Anyway, if I can find other creative cork crafts, I just might start collecting them again...

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