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Saturday Morning Crafts

Before I detail today's craft adventures, I just have to wonder, how did Charissa end up getting neon green play-doh in her nose?! It's so far in, that even after a bath and some good ol' nose picking, there's still a chunk left in there...

Miniature Ice Cream Parlor

So most of the crafts we have been doing are more or less geared towards Calvin's interests. To be fair, I decided on something more up Charissa's alley (e.g. anything involving food) and came across these cute pom-pom ice cream cones. I didn't have tiny beads on hand, so I used perler beads instead:

Calvin made one, Charissa made the rest. The pom-poms were a bit hard to glue down (I used Elmer's glue so the kids could do it themselves, but a hot glue-gun would have worked better) and the perler beads were a bit too big to really look like sprinkles. So it got me thinking about how I could make the craft easier to accomplish in the future, and so came this mini-tutorial...

Cotton Ball Ice Cream Cone


  • cotton balls
  • brown paper (cardstock, or printer paper colored with a brown marker or crayon)
  • Elmer's glue
  • cupcake or cookie sprinkles
  • small ruler (optional)


  • With the brown paper, cut a 3"x3" square, and then cut diagonally across to make two triangles
  • Using a small ruler, fold your triangle into three sections so it resembles a mini-plane (refer to photo below).
  • Wrap the folded sides of your triangle and glue together to form the cone.
  • Cut the top part of your cone to make a flat opening.
  • Put some glue on the inside-top edge of the cone and stuff a cotton ball inside. Feel free to add extra cotton ball "scoops" on top.
  • Drizzle some glue on top and dip into a small container of sprinkles.

Framed Hand Prints

I came across this cute project here. It's a great alternative to messy hand printing with paint or clay imprints, not to mention you can easily frame and keep it as a memento! I didn't have any decent patterned paper so I used cardstock and printer paper instead:

I've been digging through the archives at The Crafty Crow. There are so many great projects... my list of to-do crafts is getting longer and longer... I should probably stop and go fold the laundry...

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