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Early Morning Activities


It seems like many nursery and preschool-age children have a built-in light sensor that awakens them just when the sun peaks above the horizon (circa 5:30 a.m.) At least, this seems to be the case with my children. After our very early morning breakfast (usually cereal and milk, or pancakes with sprinkles), I usually have them do a few workbook pages and a craft to get some intellectual stimulation in before we go out on errand (and shopping) runs.

To keep a "diary" and digital "memory" of all their crafts (so I don't have to physically keep everything they've made), I'll put in a little blurb (mostly pictures) of our morning activities, hopefully on a daily basis.

Today's Activities

The Toymaker has a wonderful section of free paper toys you can download and make with your kids. Today, we decorated and put together a race car:

A few days ago, we also made a Habitat for Humanity house. Calvin made the blue and green one; Charissa made the red and pink one:

Here are a few good websites that offer free workbook pages to download (I also have actual workbooks that I purchased, but getting and utilizing free stuff always makes me happy). I usually choose and print them out the night before based on what I would like them to learn and think they would be interested in:

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