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Moving Up - Part III

Part III (the part where I wean myself from the GPS and make our house a home) is really an ongoing process that will continue beyond this post. So for this particular post, I will just include the projects I've been working on this past week. Organizing and Taming Stuff for Kids

One of the reasons we chose our new home was for the bonus room (or fifth bedroom) above the garage. It is the perfect playroom for the kids, plenty of space with lots of natural light. My goal in planning the playroom was to make everything accessible by them (e.g. at their height), lay out different "centers" or "zones", and of course, label everything!

I have a total of five zones: blocks (shape sorters, nesting boxes, alphabet blocks, trains and tracks, and cars), dramatic play (dress-up, play food and kitchen, Little People sets, and musical instruments), reading (books), technology (computer and electronic toys), and art gallery (where I display their latest creations).

"Artifying" the Everyday

Part of what makes a home unique to its inhabitants are the little diy projects and ideas found in everyday living. Thus far, these include some homemade magnets (you can find instructions on how to make your own magnets here), "artified" recycling instructions, and decorated french doors (to my office) using contact paper:

Some Fun and Practical Blogs

There are so many great blog sites out there these days, two that I follow on a daily basis that have to do with design for kids and home: Design Mom and How About Orange. Check them out when you have time! They are filled with inspiration and ideas!

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