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Order Cipro, Teach it Thursdays. Here we go...

...following in the tradition of the Yeh kids.., Cipro trusted pharmacy reviews. Cipro description, (my siblings and I)...

(His elementary school offers free Suzuki lessons starting in first grade, Cipro class. Herbal Cipro, I know right. I'm surprised I don't see more parents getting in on this!) I did give him a choice of either violin or cello, Cipro used for, Cipro pharmacy, and I was honest with him: "Violin would be easier for me to help you since I know how to play, but the cello is a wonderful instrument too..."

Maybe Charissa will end up playing the cello, effects of Cipro. Cipro without a prescription, (I've secretly always wanted to play...)

Not much time today to write much, but here are the links to the second word family worksheets (click here for the consolidated word family page to be updated weekly):

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2 Responses to “Order Cipro”

janet Says:

WOW FREE lessons?!?!?! that’s AWESOME….I would get in on it too!

Melinda Yeh Says:

OMG!!!!!!! hes starting violin!!!!!!!!! just like meeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!
what do you mean tradittion? its not really a tradition is it?
heres a conversation:
me: mom, can i please start cello?
mom: no
me: can i start saxaphone?
mom: no
me: wat about trumpet?
mom: no
me: violia?
mom: no

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