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'Tis what we did to Charissa's long hair. Cephalexin from mexico, She looks so much more grown up and mature. Ack. Perhaps I should duct-tape those long wisps back to slow the clock down.., Cephalexin price.

Still needs an edible bribe of some sort to get in front of the camera, Cephalexin Mg. (And wear a dress. Order Cephalexin no prescription, She has her own sense of style now that doesn't include cute little frocks :( ... or buttons... or polkadots...)

Very into stripes though.., buy Cephalexin without a prescription.

Cephalexin Mg, Silly little big sister. Last year of preschool. Cephalexin coupon,

So now that school has begun and sanity has returned :) I am going to try and resurrect my weekly postings. Keyword: try. With the addition of violin, buy Cephalexin from canada, Chinese school, No prescription Cephalexin online, and swim lessons, who knows what will happen :)

Over the summer, I've been looking for the best approach to teach my 4-year old how to read, australia, uk, us, usa. She knew all the phonetics but just couldn't put the sounds together to form the word (which Calvin picked up in two days), Cephalexin Mg. We tried memorizing sight words, Cephalexin pictures, which worked only so-so. She memorized thirty words, but only knew half out of flashcard context, Cephalexin without prescription. So I decided to go with word families (like "chop, Cephalexin blogs, lop, and crop" :) ). Ta da, Cephalexin alternatives. Cephalexin Mg, Magic. The perfect combination of phonetics and memorization (i.e. Cephalexin pharmacy, remembering what "ack" spells/ sounds like).

I start out by introducing the common ending, underlining it in every word, Cephalexin online cod, and circling the beginning sounds:

Then we go over each word, write/trace the words, and review them once more via flashcards.

If you're interested in doing this with your child, here are some free printables for you to use. I will post one word family each Thursday. (Posting them in the same order that I am introducing to Charissa.)


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Jeff Yeh Says:

They’re SO BIG now! We need to have a family reunion ASAP; it’s been too long. :D

Melinda Says:

Ahhhhh! So biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii,!,!,!!!,

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