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Diflucan For Sale, You know you need to call your mother more often when they rely on your blog posts to determine whether or not you're still alive...

I got a concerned call from my mom last week asking whether we were "okay" due to the severe lack of posts. From this phone call, Diflucan use, I gathered that one, Buy Diflucan from canada, I need to call home more often, and two, my mom doesn't actually read my posts, buy cheap Diflucan no rx, but only looks at the pictures... Cheap Diflucan, Anyway, as mentioned previously, I was on a blog break to work on and do "stuff".., Diflucan blogs.

...such as taking a day trip to NYC with Calvin and Charissa. We drove down the night before to attend a Chris Tomlin concert in Hershey, then woke up at 5 a.m, Diflucan For Sale. Diflucan reviews, the next morning to take the two older kids into the city where Jeremy attended a business trade show while I and the kids visited the Museum of Natural History.

Here we are waiting to get on the train (from Baltimore to Penn Station):

Of all days, Amtrak somehow "lost power" and we were stuck sitting on the tracks for two hours a few miles away from the city, kjøpe Diflucan på nett, köpa Diflucan online.

Waiting for their first subway ride:

Before this trip, Diflucan canada, mexico, india, the only exposure the kids had to the city was from the movie Madagascar. Upon emerging from the subway station, Calvin and Charissa were in total awe.., buy cheap Diflucan. Diflucan For Sale, "WooOW. New York CITY!!!"

After the museum, Is Diflucan addictive, we met up at the Time Warner building for dinner at Bouchon. The kids were exceptionally well-behaved and the food was delicious:

After coming back from our mini weekend excursion, Jeremy went to Vail for a week of skiing, order Diflucan no prescription.

I'm not sure why, Diflucan forum, but I'm super productive when Jeremy's not home...

...like moving the kids' playroom from the top floor to the basement, re-painting Calvin and Charissa's rooms (photos to come), where can i buy Diflucan online, cleaning all the bathrooms (yay me!), Online buying Diflucan hcl, sewing like a crazy person and getting ready for my first craft show.

Speaking of.., Diflucan For Sale. my first craft show did not go as anticipated. It was not the right crowd for me (think big baubles, Diflucan no prescription, jewelry, handbags, and scarves...) But at least I made back my entrance fee and then some, mostly from the vendors. It was a good experience nonetheless. Here are a few shots of my booth - many thanks to Alli from Quilled Creations.

Diflucan For Sale, And the new items I was finally able to make time for.

So yes, I've been very busy. I can't believe it's April already... and now I have Calvin's birthday to plan for. (He's turning 6!!!)

And for my mom...

Here we are attempting a family picture at our church youth group's Parents' Appreciation Dinner:

(And yes, I know Stephen is still in his pajamas... I'm classy like that :p )

...and the kids doing jump shots for Uncle Lawrence after one too many brownies:

Baby Stephen is really into smoothies:

And when not busy dumping all my panty liners into the toilet, he's trying on Charissa's headbands:


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3 Responses to “Diflucan For Sale”

amy Says:

awww next time you’re in the area give us a call!! i wanna see the kiddies.
love all the stuff you’ve been doing with the shop! Naomi might need a new dress soon, lol

Beca Says:

yay! you’re posting again! i’m glad to see that y’all are alive and i can’t get over the dresses you make for charissa :)

meLINda Says:

jen, the only reason why mom doesnt read your posts cause they are too small to read. well that is to her perpective. i luv all the facial expressions thy have!!!!

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