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Never Grow Up

Glucophage No Rx, The other night, Jeremy purchased the entire Taylor Swift discography, claiming it was purely for "youth ministry" purposes. Riiight :) But in his defense, Glucophage maximum dosage, she really is quite good. We're currently loving her "Never Grow Up" number... sounds like the perfect song for Charissa's upcoming birthday slideshow.., buy Glucophage online no prescription.

Two weekends ago, Rx free Glucophage, my friend Janet and I went to NYC to celebrate our upcoming 30th birthdays, sans kids and husbands. Nothing like watching two mommies go wild in the city ;) Seriously though, I could literally feel my legs moving slower and slower as each hour passed, Glucophage No Rx. By Sunday, order Glucophage no prescription, I could barely walk; My feet hurt, Fast shipping Glucophage, my back hurt, and I was drifting in and out of sleep. Ha, after Glucophage. But we had a great time basically eating our way through town. No prescription Glucophage online, Watching the sun rise from the flight down to Baltimore:

Flying without kids with only a purse and a small carry-on was such a freeing experience. And so was having an entire bed to myself with no mysterious little bodies popping up next to me in the middle of the night:

Although I did miss cuddling with them :) They are always so warm and squishy :)

Aside from walking aimlessly and lost Glucophage No Rx, window shopping, we were able to indulge in some guilty pleasures...

at Dylan's Candy Store:

...where we found the perfect lollipops to lick our sorrows away...

At Serendipity enjoying some frozen hot chocolate:

And as if we haven't had enough sugar for the day yet, Glucophage steet value, Dessert Truck, Herbal Glucophage, with their warm chocolate bread pudding with bacon custard sauce and warm brioche donut holes with Nutella filling:

To calm the sugar rush and relieve our craving for something salty, we hit Momofuku Noodle Bar for the best ramen ever:

I was so full from everything else that day I had to pack my ramen to go and didn't touch it until the next morning.

And a trip to New York City isn't complete without some Thomas Keller :)

Our evening at per se:

Most of you probably don't know this.., Glucophage results. but I can't resist foie gras and truffles; If they're on the menu, Buy Glucophage without prescription, I'm ordering them.

Playing tourists at the South Ferry Market:

Getting ready to watch Promises, Promises on Broadway:

So fun, Glucophage No Rx. What a great way to kick-off mid-life crisis ;) J/K I honestly don't care how old I am. Everyone gets old, purchase Glucophage. It's a fact, Buying Glucophage online over the counter, and I'm okay with that. Just brings me a little bit closer to heaven ;)

I don't know why, but somehow I thought that this trip would take me home refreshed and enlivened, discount Glucophage. Glucophage No Rx, But I spent all last week sleeping and recovering my sore muscles. I had no motivation or energy to craft or sew. Glucophage forum, So I didn't. But I'm back to "normal" mode now and have since put together a covering for our breakfast room table with this stack of beauties from here:

It reminds of me "Herbes de Provence" and makes me feel I need a basket of baguettes and cheeses on the table to complete the look.

...and with some scraps left, I made some cushion "wraps" for our living room sofa:

Sort of reminds me of packaged Japanese soaps...

I also finally made the kids' Christmas outfits.., Glucophage No Rx. the ones they'll be wearing for our Christmas card photoshoot. I won't post any right now so as to not ruin the surprise :) But here's a sneak peak:

And after digging through the pile of fabric once owned by my mother and possibly grandmother, a fairly simple, 15 minute dress... with a huge heart, because that's what Charissa wanted:

Calvin wanted to join in on the shoot so I made them do different expressions (e.g. surprised, scary, happy, angry...)

Whew, long post :) Can't believe it's November already.

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4 Responses to “Glucophage No Rx”

Kimberly Says:

Looks like so much fun! I love the new outfits!

melinda Says:

seriosly. jen. that candy store, amy wystell would go bananas at that candy store. calvi charissa and stephen are adorable! cant wait to see them on thanksgiving vacation!

janet Says:

when you get the chance can you email me those pics? thanks!

oooo the new fabrics are very pretty…they remind me of all things french too!

Jillian Says:

You look great for someone who just turned 30! (and with 3 kids!!)
Happy birthday!

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