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I may be small...

...but my output is BIG Lipitor Mg, .

You'd think that people who work for a place built entirely for little people (e.g, real brand Lipitor online. Lipitor online cod, Strong Museum of Play) would be used to dealing with little people "mishaps"...

Such was the response to baby Stephen's "mishap" as we were leaving after lunch, Lipitor over the counter. Lipitor dosage, As I walked out the museum's main entrance, baby in one arm and Charissa in the other, Lipitor steet value, Lipitor blogs, Stephen lets out a superior mini-man fart that caused a violent eruption of poop to shoot out of his pants, covering my arm and landing on the pavement, Lipitor long term. I've never seen people move out of my way so fast as I held him out at arms-length, poop dripping from my arm, scurrying to the bathroom, Lipitor Mg. Generic Lipitor, It was a disaster. I had to give him a "sink bath" (Am I the only one who's ever had to resort to this?) since he was covered in the stuff, about Lipitor. Lipitor for sale, Anyway. Big commotion, taking Lipitor. Lipitor Mg, The staff comes running in with rubber gloves and a cart full of toxic cleaning chemicals after being informed by the crowd of mothers running out with their children (okay, not that bad, but some did skip washing their hands...) Got him cleaned. Is Lipitor addictive, All was right and good again. As we headed out for the second time, effects of Lipitor, Purchase Lipitor online no prescription, I had to take a picture of this:

Too bad I didn't bring my fancy Nikon camera for a more "artistic" rendition of his hazardous material, now so properly quarantined.., Lipitor dangers. what a great way to welcome museum visitors... I wonder what they're planning to do with it...

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5 Responses to “Lipitor Mg”

tammy Says:

hahaha! tho i’m sure i would not be laughing it it happened to me. love that you took a camera pic.

Janet Says:

LOL woooowwww!! hahahah i’m sure in the moment it was horrendous and embarrassing, but it does make for a good story!!

Kimberly Says:

Oh man that made me laugh! It’s bound to happen to anyone with kids at one point or another!

Melinda Says:

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA(snort)HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!! I laughed myself silly with that one. Lot’s of humor in it!

Alli Says:

Oh my. It’s classic! Thanks for making me smile.
Had a similar incident when my daughter was an infant, except it was on the plane. Poor people near us had no way to escape! :p
Glad you could see the humor in such a stinky situation!

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