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All Children Grow Up

(except Peter Pan Order Tramadol, ) And I am turning 30 this year. Ahhh. Even as adults, we still have a few more milestones left :)

My best friend Janet (who will also be hitting the big three-o) had this brilliant idea of going on a weekend getaway together, Purchase Tramadol for sale, sans kids and husbands, to help celebrate this momentous occasion. I am super excited. Any suggestions on where to go or what to do.

I may be getting old(er), but I still love roller coasters, Order Tramadol. This past Saturday, where can i buy Tramadol online, we took C&C to Seabreeze. They absolutely loved it. Compared to Disney World, Tramadol from canadian pharmacy, it was much less stressful with plenty of rides for people 40" and shorter, short lines, bearable weather, and a smaller map to get from one ride to another. One our way back home, cheap Tramadol no rx, Calvin goes, "What is the funnest place in the whole wide world?. Order Tramadol, It's not Disney World. It's SEABREEZE!"

Here are the kids right before heading out. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, We kept the trip a surprise until the morning of:

Like their Auntie Amy, they are really into jumping shots :)

Calvin's favorite ride was the "Sea Dragon", the big boat that goes back and forth higher and higher. It really does tickle your tummy from the inside out. Even I couldn't help giggling like a little girl :p

click to view larger

I do so love amusement parks :) I was completely wiped after just 3 hours, order Tramadol no prescription. The kids were fine and so disappointed that we had to leave so soon, Order Tramadol. Yeah... getting old :)

I will end today's post with a tutorial on how to make what I call "The 30 Minute Fat Quarter Skop Top" (Skop = Skirt + Top):

It's a simple, easy, Buy Tramadol online no prescription, and "cheap" way to get your designer-fabric fix while making something beautiful for a little lady (up to 4T).

You will need:
- One fat quarter
- 3/8" wide elastic
- bias tape
- lace or ribbon

1. Unfold your fat quarter and iron out the creases. Order Tramadol, 2. Cut your fat quarter in half so that you end up with two 18" by 11" pieces.

3, comprar en línea Tramadol, comprar Tramadol baratos. With wrong sides together, sew together the two sides measuring 11", 1/8" from the edge. Tramadol results, These are the sides of your top.

4, Order Tramadol. Turn your top inside out so that right sides are together. Press the edges and sew together the two sides measuring 11" again, this time, 1/4" from the edge, Tramadol price, coupon. You are effectively doing a french seam here (encasing the raw edges). Not necessary. Order Tramadol, But it produces a nicer finished product.

5. Herbal Tramadol, Zigzag or serge the top and bottom of the top.

6. Fold the bottom edge over 1/4" and sew, creating the hem.

7, Order Tramadol. Fold the top edge over 1/2" and sew 3/8" from the edge, Tramadol cost, creating a channel for the elastic. Be sure to leave a 1" opening to insert the elastic in

8. Using a safety pin, Online Tramadol without a prescription, thread the elastic through the channel. The equation I use to determine the length of elastic needed goes like this:

circumference of chest - 2.5" = length of 3/8" wide elastic

Note: This equation only works for 3/8" wide elastic.

9. Order Tramadol, Once the elastic is through, overlap the two ends by an inch and zigzag them together back and forth a few times to secure.

10. Cut two pieces of bias tape (for a 4T, I cut two 10" long pieces), Tramadol mg. Place and pin one end of the tape 2" from the side seam. This will be the front of the top. Pin and place the other end of the bias tape 3" from the same side seam (so that the two ends are 1" apart), Order Tramadol. This will be back of the top. No prescription Tramadol online, 11. Secure the ends of the bias tape with a straight stitch, going back and forth a few times. Repeat with the other side.

12. Add lace, flowers, or whatever you want to complete the look.


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I turn 30 this year, too!!! ;-) LOVE the tutorial!

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so cute. would this fit a 2t?

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