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That's so double rainbow!

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Jeremy thought it would be cool (for me) to make a double rainbow dress. And so I did, where can i buy cheapest Flagyl online. Really, Flagyl description, just for our amusement. I wasn't expecting it to sell seeing how it is a bit different than my usual style. But I actually sold one today, Buy Flagyl No Prescription. Which, Flagyl pictures, in my opinion, Taking Flagyl, is so double rainbow. ;)

This has now become Charissa's favorite dress. I guess there's just something about bright colors and rainbows that attract little girls, online buying Flagyl hcl.

Speaking of Charissa, Flagyl forum, I'm "moving" my store to minimooh.etsy.com (the "h" stands for "handmade" and is only there because minimoo.etsy.com was taken :( ...Now that I think about it, I probably should have just made it minimoohandmade.etsy.com...) Growing Up with Charissa will stay remain open for a while. Buy Flagyl No Prescription, Maybe even indefinitely due to all those hard-earned hearts and positive feedback.

Anyway, order Flagyl no prescription, as I mentioned in yesterday's post, Discount Flagyl, I will be co-leading crafts for my Church's Music and Bible camp next week. We were all given this lovely t-shirt to wear:

The crew neck is so high it reminds me of a stunted turtleneck. Not attractive, Flagyl price. To leave the shirt as-is could be considered crime on the high seas. Especially when one is able to do something about it, Buy Flagyl No Prescription. Flagyl canada, mexico, india, (Get it.... No. The camp theme is "High Seas Expedition".)

Here is the end product (I finally figured out how to activate the self-timer on my camera):

Nothing spectacular, online buy Flagyl without a prescription, but a bit better than before. Kjøpe Flagyl på nett, köpa Flagyl online, If you happen to need to modify a t-shirt into something more "sailor-y", here's a quick tutorial:

1, 2, Flagyl pics. Buy Flagyl No Prescription, Cut an asymmetrical "v" from the neckline. Be sure not to cut it too wide.

3. Is Flagyl safe, Cut 2 1/4" off the bottom hem of the shirt.

4. Cut the strip from step 3 into two equal-length strips.

5. Place a strip across one of the "v" sides, Flagyl interactions, matching up the raw edge of the strip to the raw edge of the "v". Sew in place using a 1/4" inseam and stopping at the bottom point of the "v".

6, Buy Flagyl No Prescription. Place the second strip across the other "v" side and sew in place.

7. Tie a knot. You now have a sailor-y neckline!

8. Cut 3.5" off from both sleeves (or however much you'd like. You can even cut the entire sleeve off and make it into a tank.)

Buy Flagyl No Prescription, 9. Ta da. I also sewed in side seams to help the shirt take on more shape, instead of a giant tube with neck and armholes :) If the neckline is too wide for your taste, you can always wear a strappy camisole or tank top underneath (which is what I will be doing... I have narrow shoulders.)

Quick and easy transformation...

that's so double rainbow!.

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4 Responses to “Buy Flagyl No Prescription”

Kimberly Says:

Love the double rainbow dress! Did you put her in the next size up so you could do the double pleats…or do I have to buy the pattern to get that info ;)

Our church had the same VBS and the kids loved it…but they always do regardless of the theme! They’ve been obsessed with the music CD that went along with it and for the last 3 weeks that’s all we listen to while the boys do the moves in the car…even the baby hits some of the notes!

Did you think about doing one shop for your patterns and one for your actual dresses…you’re right about those hearts being hard earned!

Didn’t mean for this to be such a long comment, oops!

Alli B Says:

Awesome design! Can not wait to wear my original “Jen Ho” design at VBS!! Let’s GO!!!

Mandy Says:

I like the way you re-designed the T-shirt… more fashion look….

Melinda Says:

Wow! How did you figger that out???

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