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Everything I know about drugs I learned from movies...

Cipro Cost, (To my children in the near future: Please don't do drugs. Please don't do drugs...) The relevant snippet to this title is further down in the post, in case you were wondering :)

I finally finished my wholesale order, Cipro wiki, so now I'm freeeeeee. (Except I still have laundry to fold. Have I mentioned that I hate doing laundry. There are weeks where we just live off the floor, about Cipro, clothing-wise...) Anyway, I've been working on this order for a month and can finally check it off my list.

Today's post is a tablescrap creation (a term I use to describe stuff created from the really tiny scraps I like to hoard.., Cipro Cost. Cipro class, you know, the scraps of scraps... things that we normally would throw away. A challenge to "think outside the [trash] bin" ;) )

You know the line, is Cipro addictive, "watching tv and eating bonbons all day", often used (more in the past than now) to stereotype the wife who stays at home. Cipro overnight, Well, to THAT I say, "Don't EAT the bonbons. Cipro Cost, MAKE the bonbons!" Out of scraps. And with rainforest-fresh baking soda to make it more than just eye candy ;), Cipro trusted pharmacy reviews. Make multiple candy bonbons and place in a glass jar, or make half a dozen of the truffle bonbons and place in an empty candy box to make a cute little gift set. Buy cheap Cipro, Either way, here's another crafty idea to help maximize your fabric usage.

Candy Bonbons

1. Grab a rectangular piece of scrap (approximately 2" wide by 3" long), Cipro Cost.
2, Cipro use. Fold it in half, RS together, Cipro treatment, and stitch down the length.
3. Pin a safety pin through one layer... Cipro Cost, 4. and thread it through to turn your tube right side out, australia, uk, us, usa.
5. Center the seam. Cipro cost, 6. With embroidery floss (or thread if you don't have any), tie a tight knot at one end, Cipro Cost.
7. Drop in either a round magnet or vase pebble (um, the magnet for if you want to stick your final product to the fridge, Cipro no rx. I used the pebble.)
8. Now this is where the post title comes in... Cipro Cost, It seems popular to use small pieces of paper as sniffing devices and to transport tiny amounts of stuff to tiny bags. Buy Cipro without prescription, It makes sense seeing how it would look pretty ridiculous to shove a kitchen funnel in your nose unless you have huge nostrils, most people dump a little of whatever-white-powder-stuff onto a small piece of paper
9. and then bend the sides to funnel the stuff into whatever orifice, bag, Cipro alternatives, or in our case, fabric candy wrapper-tube. Rx free Cipro, (Note. I am in no way promoting or instructing drug use. I'm simple stating how I've seen it in movies.)
10, Cipro Cost. Use floss or thread to tie off the other (open) end and trim the sides to the desired length.

Truffle Bonbons

1. Cut two circles of equal size (mine measured about 2.5" in diameter).
2. Cipro Cost, Set your sewing machine tension and stitch length to the max and sew around the perimeter of the candy circle (mine is white chocolate!)
3. Use the paper technique again...
4. and funnel in the baking soda, enough to round out your truffle.
5. hand stitch the opening shut (pull on the upper thread to gather the open edge close), Cipro Cost.
6. Repeat step 2 for the wrapper piece.
7. Turn your filled truffle upside down into the wrapper.
8. Hand stitch secure the truffle and wrapper, then pull out the thread from step 6.
9. Use a fabric marker (or any marker) and draw a chocolate swirly.

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2 Responses to “Cipro Cost”

Janet Says:

LOL!! hmmmm the steps do look a bit sketchy there :P
but the end product is sooo cute!

Alli B Says:

You are the table scrap QUEEN! Those bonbons are adorable.
Congrats on finishing your BIG wholesale order! We need to celebrate!
(now on to MBC stuff!)

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