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7 Years!

Synthroid For Sale, Happy Anniversary. Um, buy Synthroid from mexico, Synthroid forum, technically 3 days ago. This post is a tad late.., Synthroid dangers. My Synthroid experience, so goes the story of my [blog] life :)

Remember our wedding day. Yeah, Synthroid without a prescription, Rx free Synthroid, they forgot to give us the tutorial on how to cut a semi-fake wedding cake and it almost toppled over. Thank goodness nobody was paying attention.., Synthroid For Sale.

Thank you for being such a good sport and taking a decent picture of me before eating at our favorite restaurant in Rochester.., Synthroid gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. Synthroid pharmacy,

...and then proceeding to capture my unsuccessful attempt to jump up to sit on the ledge (need to get back on the treadmill, need to get...)

...and rescuing me from further embarrassment by hoisting me up and taking another decent picture.., Synthroid results. Herbal Synthroid,

... and for planning ahead 7 years ago for this day by purchasing and storing a bottle of wine from our wedding year:

Who knew that in such a short time, about Synthroid, What is Synthroid, we'd have a happy family of 3 bubbly minis... Synthroid For Sale, and manage not to age a day... HA, Synthroid use. Order Synthroid online overnight delivery no prescription, I feel old... no really, Synthroid from canadian pharmacy, I feel it in my hips when I try to pivot my legs over the tire swing at the park... I almost dislocated that joint yesterday...

(And for any J Crew fans out there... yes, I am Crew from head to toe. My closet and I are complete suckers for this store...).

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7 Responses to “Synthroid For Sale”

Mandy Says:

wow 7 years!!! Happy Anniversary~~~

mel Says:

Haha. :-) what is that restaurant called??? Also, when r u comin again??? :-)

tammy Says:

i can’t believe it’s been 7 years already! congrats! (and i totally didn’t notice the cake snafu at your wedding, hehe)

Joyce Says:

Congrats on 7 yrs… (I myself made 15 yrs this year - 2 boys (7 and 13). Just wanted to say - your are a very talented individual - and being a stay at home mom - is the HARDEST and most REWARDING job there is. Wish I could have stayed home with my boys…ah it wasn’t the case for me. (that’s another story) - Wishing you both MORE years to come! -J

Ann Lam Says:

Congratulations, Jennifer! You look fantastic. Old, pshaw! :-) Miss you! But it’s so lovely to “hear” your voice through your blog.

Janet Says:

LOL the pic of you guys in front of the cake is hilarious. your expression is priceless! and yeah, i didn’t notice the leaning tower of cakes either :P.

sarah Says:

congrats. we were 6 this year. my how time flies. i heart also belongs to jcrew and my husband graciously shares me with them. my college roommates( 3 boys) practically banned the word in the house.

here’s to many more wonderful years and closets full.


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