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My Mother's Day

Tramadol Dosage, I think this was Calvin's first Mother's Day where he had a decent grasp of what the day is all about. All week long, Comprar en lĂ­nea Tramadol, comprar Tramadol baratos, he's been whispering in my ear, "Mommy. I have a secret, purchase Tramadol for sale. It's a surprise. Order Tramadol from mexican pharmacy, I can't tell you. You have to wait until Sunday!" It was so cute to see him so excited, Tramadol Dosage. And not just excited because he had a "secret", but because he couldn't wait to make me happy :) Hehe, purchase Tramadol online. I think that alone makes mommy-hood all worth it. Online buy Tramadol without a prescription, So on Sunday, he gave me a card and a little painted treasure box wrapped in tissue paper:

Needless to say, I love it (even though I'm pretty sure he got a lot of help from his teachers.., australia, uk, us, usa. but it's the thought that counts, Tramadol use, right?) and plan on framing that picture and letting it hang somewhere until the construction paper is all faded. Tramadol Dosage, Yeah I know. So cheesy and sappy. But, buy Tramadol online no prescription, you know, Tramadol canada, mexico, india, he'll always be my little boy, even when he's all grown up... B.O., Tramadol street price, pimples, No prescription Tramadol online, hairy legs and all :)

Speaking of being all grown up, while we were waiting for Jeremy and Charissa to finish up some mother's-day-dinner shopping at Wegman's, Calvin, cheap Tramadol no rx, laying lazily on a bench, Tramadol dose, suddenly looks up at this old lady walking by, alone, and says, buy Tramadol online cod, "Happy Mother's Day!" The old lady was so thrilled... Order Tramadol no prescription, and speechless. After a few moments, she manage to ask for his name and comment on how sweet he was, Tramadol Dosage. I didn't say anything. But inside, I was so proud of him. So proud that he was able to show a bit of compassion and kindness without any sort of prompting or previous "instruction" from me. I loved the picture and box I got from Calvin, but those three little words, uttered to a total stranger, was my real mother's day gift from him, and makes picking up all those dried buggers hidden under his pillow and finding a five-day-old loaded night-time diaper stashed away in his closet all worth it... maybe I should stick a trash bin next to his bed...

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3 Responses to “Tramadol Dosage”

janet Says:

awwww calvin you’re so sweet!!

Alli B Says:

aw, I love this post. It made me laugh and cry at the same time!

Julie Says:

aww..i have to agree..this made me tear up and laugh at the same time. special thanks to ur sweet little calvin…and my uncontrollable hormones @ the moment. haha.

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