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Get On Your Soapbox!

I love hoarding and looking through catalogs (especially, Land of Nod, Room and Board, Crate and Barrel, just to name a few). Not for the sake of making a purchase, but for inspiration and ideas.

I came across these cute hanging books in PBKids:

They don't actually sell these, but were adorable enough to garner some of my attention and creative juices. I toyed around with the idea of recovering some old books, but then the Asian side got to me ("Whaaa?! That better not be your Calculus textbook ah!") Plus, they would too cumbersome to hang (can you imagine a book falling on some kid's head while they're reading next to that floppy green frog?) Reconstructing cereal boxes? Nah, too big. Things seem to be cuter when they're mini. But I liked the idea of reusing/recycling something old, just needed something smaller...

A SOAPBOX! (Which I discovered while taking a shower.) And a few pages from all those phone books that keep on sprouting up next to my front door...

So if anyone is interested in making something similar, here is a mini tutorial.

You will need: - scissors - empty soap boxes - scrap fabric (or pretty paper, construction paper, newspaper, brown bag paper...) - old phone book - glue - ribbon, string, or thread (I used thread) - tape

1. Grab an empty soap box... 2. and your stash of fabric scraps. 3. Open up the soapbox. 4. Cut off all the tabs. 5. Get coordinating fabrics for the spine and main cover. 6. Cut a piece of fabric to fit the spine (forgot to take picture) and glue it on. Put some glue on the "cover" area of the box and put it face down on the fabric. 7. Trim off the edges and cut squares at the corners. Fold and glue down the flaps. 8. You now have an empty book. 9. Grab the phone book. 10. Rip out some pages and cut and fold them to size. Then put some glue on the folded edge and place in your book. Hang, with a piece of thread looped through the spine and taped to the ceiling, to dry.

Easy and fun :) Took me about 30 minutes to complete all 3. And they are light enough to hang with Scotch tape... and not kill anyone if they decide to fall...

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2 Responses to “Get On Your Soapbox!”

Maureen Anders Says:

I love this! I am going to share it w/ my readers, if that is okay!?


Jenny D. Says:

LOVE this! Saw this posted on Anders Ruff and am going to ty and make these for a Dr. Seuss baby shower I am hosting! How perfect!!!!

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