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The Letter T

So in an effort to teach my kids a little something real about Easter, I wrote a little ditty in conjunction with our craft yesterday. Here is how it goes:

So not only does it teach uppercase AND lower case "T", it hopefully relays a little gospel too! Calvin really enjoyed singing the song. And so we spent a good amount of time, me playing on the piano, and him singing along using the printout I created. If you'd like to do something similar with your children, you can download a copy of my "The Letter T" song.

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4 Responses to “The Letter T”

Jillian Says:

i didn’t know that you could play the piano… thanks for sharing!

Alli B Says:

That was soooo beautiful! I would love to have my girls have that kind of talent! :)

Creative Minds Says:

HOW CUTE!!!! I love it. :)
Good job.

Mandy Says:

wow… never see you play the piano. I love the song. Thanks for sharing~~~

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