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Speech Therapy Bunting

Jeremy is a mathematical-spatial-concept-puzzle-solving-academic-test-acing whiz. I am not. So if Calvin ever seems to just "not get it", just remember, he has my genes too :)

Which brings us to the origins of this post: speech therapy.

Calvin qualifies for (free!) speech therapy through the school district. According to them, he is "a child with disability" (don't worry mom, he scored high above average in the non-verbal cognitive and spatial portions of the test...) I, along with every one of my siblings, all required speech therapy when we were little. Guess this snippet of genetic code got passed along...

Anyway, his therapist has been working on position words with him, among other things, so I decided to reinforce what he's learning with a word "photo shoot" (behind, under, ankle, knee...)

We had a good time. To make use of all the pictures we took and some scrap felt and vinyl leftover from another project, I made a photo bunting:

Maybe it was just me, but sewing with vinyl was really... slippery. I had a hard time getting the felt to not bunch and pucker underneath. Oh well. But it does bug me. That it's not perfect. But not enough for a total redo. I think.

Making felt bunting is really simple. For my version, all you need is: - felt triangles (mine were 6 inches wide at the base and 8 inches tall) - bias tape - clear vinyl (I got mine in the remnant section of Jo-Ann's. Alternatively, you can cut up some from those vinyl baggies that bedsheets come packaged in.)

1. Cut the vinyl into squares that are 1/2" larger than your pictures. My photos were 2" squares, so my vinyl pieces were 2.5" squares.

2. Place the vinyl square on the triangle and sew down three sides. Not sure what the best way is to go about preventing the felt from bunching up...

3. After all the vinyl squares are paired up with the triangles, use a pencil to mark out on the bias tape where you want to place the flags (I marked mine so that the flags were 3 inches apart.)

4. Starting with one end of the bias tape, begin sewing the two sides of the tape together, sandwiching the triangles between the tape folds as you go... until you reach the end.

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