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Craft Flop

The other day, I confirmed something I sort of already knew: My kids hate getting their hands dirty. I first saw this (in my mind) awesomely creative yarn bowl and immediately put it in my craft queue. I mean, how hard could it be? Yarn + glue + balloon + bowl. Got it all set up and even took "before" pictures in preparation for an awesome blog post:

One fingertip-dip in the tiniest dot of glue later... "Mommeee! My hand is diirrrty! I need to go waaash it!" Whine whine whine. Long story short, I was only able to get Calvin to do a few strands (Charissa was off somewhere playing with her balloon the second I finished blowing it up for her...) Not wanting to waste an entire bottle of glue I just sacrificed on a plastic plate, I proceeded to continue with mine. There are no "during" pictures because I was too busy trying to help Calvin finish the project without getting his hands "dirty" (yeah...) and my own hands were all gooey and fuzzy. We waited for our yarn mess to dry overnight and popped the balloons this morning (which Calvin thoroughly enjoyed, so I guess, not a complete flop... although I can't really say the same for Calvin's end product, see below). Here is mine:

Not horrible (I think it would have been better with "less fluffy" yarn), but not nearly as pretty or functional as these. Then there was Calvin's:

I'll leave the captioning blank on this one. This craft really is neat, just not "neat" enough for us. (I hope, for their sake, they won't have to do too many of those papier-mâché projects we were forced to do in art class some 20 or so years ago...) Ending my post here would be too discouraging (since, you know, blogging is like a mini self-esteem booster... oh yeah! I did do something else today besides catering to my childrens' every need... and guiding, correcting, and harnessing their energy and natural "tendencies"...) So, to end on a happy note: chocolate covered pretzel rods with sprinkles:

We made (and ate) these for our church's youth ministry team meeting. Very simple: Take some baker's chocolate, melt it in a pot, spoon some over a pretzel rod, roll the whole thing in sprinkles, and put on a piece of wax paper to cool and harden. Not only is this activity yummy, it is also mess free (more or less... the kids didn't seem to mind licking off the chocolate and sprinkles that "somehow" got on their fingers...)

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