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I Heart Schedules

And so does Calvin... But before I get into that, here is Stephen's most recent "glamour" shot taken by the very talented Tim Ho (you can purchase some of his amazing prints here.)

...as I was saying, my kids are really into schedules and routines. I think it helps them feel more secure about their day and helps me manage their expectations and behavior. So I drafted a quick after-school schedule for them to follow once they get home. I got a pretty good response/reaction, especially from Calvin. It went something like this: Calvin: "Mommy! This is so cool! I love it! What are we going to do in 'Craft and Learn'?" Me: "Oh really?! You love it?! Okay, mommy is going to take your enthusiastic response as an excuse to disappear behind the computer for a few minutes and self-indulge in some creative sprucing up of your schedule. Please sit and eat your goldfish until mommy is done!" Yeah. I'm always looking for an excuse to do some "useful crafts" ;) Anyway, here is a shot of the mommy-fied schedule:

Here is the link to the image file if you so choose to use it. I should really be selling these schedules on Amazon! Obviously, your schedule is most likely going to vary from mine. So I am going to offer to customize and email this schedule (up to 11 activities) for anyone who wants it up until Sunday (March 21). Just contact me at jen[at]efootprints.com For our "Craft and Learn" activity yesterday, I had the kids put together their own greenhouse from a kit I bought at Wegman's:

They thoroughly enjoyed planting the little seeds... and I can already tell this is going to be a good lesson on patience :)

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Janet Says:

hahaha nice! R bugged me several times over the winter about planting pink flowers, which i told her she had to wait until spring. but we bought a couple starter kits from lowe’s last month and they’ve already grown! i thought with my black thumb they wouldn’t grow but the seed package said “guaranteed to grow”. it estimated 18-24 days but they came out maybe after 7-10 days (we planted impatiens and a few herbs). i gave her a spray bottle and she has fun watering them everyday.

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