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Oh Happy Day!

So as mentioned in yesterday's post, today was Charissa's first day of preschool. To "commemorate" this oh-so-very-important day, she picked out a girly pink and white outfit. She even let me put her hair up in pigtails without any whining or bribing from me:

You can't really see it in this picture, but she's wearing a purple Dora backpack that I bought for my younger sister 3 years ago. Funny how it all worked out. I never imagined that my own baby would be using/wearing items I bought for my sister... (For those of you who don't know, my little sister is 19 years younger than me. Go figure :))

With both Calvin and Charissa at school now, I have the mornings free for spending quality time with my porky (a.k.a. baby Stephen) and the treadmill (For me, those last 10 pounds of baby fat are the most difficult to get rid of... and I'm eager to be able to wear my pre-pregnancy pants again without having to zip halfway and loop a hair tie around the button :p). It also gave me a little time today to find this:

Now, I'm not a big jewelry person. The only jewelry I wear is my wedding band, engagement ring, watch (that Jeremy bought for me - isn't he so nice :)), and on occasion, my J.Crew gold-plated bangle (that I got for $10). I've been meaning to get a pearl necklace for some time so I'd have something to wear to weddings and other special events, but never quite found anything I really liked that carried a price tag I was willing to swallow. I'm also not the type of person who buys on impulse... or buys stuff just because it's on clearance (with the exception of Target... sometimes... when it's like dirt cheap...) I like to sleep on my "cart" before taking the plunge. But when I saw this necklace... Well, let's just say it was exactly what I was looking for :) If you like this necklace also, go to this blog and submit your comment for a chance to win this giveaway! On a final note, the title of my post reminds me of the lines from a certain praise song that goes, "Oh happy day! When Jesus washed... my sins away!"

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Abby Says:

Was surfing the web the other day and found these unique Dora backpacks.

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