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It's About Time

It's been sunny and relatively warm the past couple of days, nice enough to send the kids outside to get some fresh air...

...and don a new pair of sunglasses!

I even had time to snap a few photos of the children's play corner in the basement that was finally finished:

We had the contractor leave the space under the stairs open so the kids can have a little "hideout" area. I remember setting up house under the basement stairs when I was little - Loving it - spiders and all. Next to the nook is a simple play kitchen where Charissa and Calvin are constantly making soup and baking cookies.

We had to repaint our mudroom due to a patch job from fixing a leaky pipe and chose a nutty brown color for the area:

And... Charissa is finally potty-trained! It's about time, don't you think?! She was supposed to be trained by the end of last year. But with the new baby and her seemingly disinterest in the whole matter, it never got done. So one day last week, I put away her diapers and simply told her that she would no longer be wearing them. And that was that. Mission accomplished. The first thing she asked for was ice cream (since that was what we were offering as an incentive). The second thing she asked for was "go to school with Calvin?" (another incentive that was repeated every morning as she sent him off). So after a few emails and some paperwork, Charissa will be going to school with her big brother tomorrow. And the cutest thing is they'll be in the same class! We went to Trinity Montessori this evening for an hour of child-to-parent show-and-tell, and Charissa came along. They were both so excited. Watching them go through the classroom together reminded me of them running in the basement, shortly after it was finished, holding hands, and yelling, "we're best friends!"

With so much going on, I haven't had time to do anything with the pretty fabric I bought over Christmas:

If only I had more time...

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3 Responses to “It’s About Time”

Janet Says:

Oooo fairy wings….R has a pair too cuz she wouldn’t stop bugging me until I bought them!
Stephen is getting cuter and plumper!! What a nice smile!!
I like the nutty brown color… very warm and cozy.
Yay Charissa is potty trained! 1 & 2? If she can do 2, I need her to talk to R for me!
How did her first day of preschool go??

Footprints » Blog Archive » Oh Happy Day! Says:

[...] as mentioned in yesterday’s post, today was Charissa’s first day of preschool. To “commemorate” this [...]

Melinda Says:

How come u never told me ’bout those fairy wings? How come i never noticed that when i go 2 ur house! I miss ‘em. when r u coming again 2 our house?

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