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Better late than never...

I know, it's been almost three months since my last post. We've been busy catching up on sleep, trying out new restaurants, taking turns getting over the nasty stomach bug and flu, disinfecting and sanitizing our house, finishing our basement, and buying a piano. I'll try to spread out three months worth of relatively significant happenings throughout the week, so bear with me :) Before I begin, I must direct your attention to the new blog header, proudly created by our budding little Picasso, Charissa, using some craft sticky foam. From left to right, we have Jeremy, me, Calvin, Charissa, and Stephen. This is Calvin and Charissa making their very first snow angels: Winter in Rochester has been very mild. How ironic given that Baltimore was slammed with snow this year... after we leave! Ha! Don't you guys miss us?! (j/k :)) Calvin and Charissa haven't changed too much: But baby Stephen has! Soon-to-be five months, our little baby boy has started smiling and laughing, rolling over, and enjoying his Bumbo and exersaucer: Speaking of babies, we recently acquired a new baby... It is a rebuilt Steinway model B (7 feet) from 1906, an extremely generous and thoughtful house-warming present from Jeremy's parents. We went down to NYC during Valentine's weekend and found this baby with the help of Amy, Hamlin, and one of Amy's Juilliard friends. And for those of you who are into music, this piano was residing in Leon Fleisher's first apartment! Leon Fleisher! Apparently, this piano was sitting in the exact same spot as Fleisher's piano. Needless to say, Amy and I lounged in the apartment for a good hour and a half in awe (sort of. I was actually sick as a dog that weekend with a 102.5 fever and a double ear infection... My parents tried to convince me to stay at their place since we dropped off the kiddies there for the trip... but I mean, we drove six hours just to leave the kids with my parents so we can go piano shopping... and it was Valentine's weekend... which means Jeremy was planning a surprise "food outing" that I know I'd kick myself if I missed it... I was popping Tylenol pills every 4 hours - most likely overdosing since my pee smelled just like Tylenol... Anyway...) I remember when I first started piano, I couldn't wait to finish practicing. Now that I have my very own instrument, I can't wait to start practicing! And boy do I need to practice. If any of my Peabody teachers heard me now, they'd say they never knew me :) And to conclude my post for today, a little bit of brotherly love!

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Janet Says:

I just want to eat Stephen up!!! You can tell Calvin adores him.
Charissa’s sticky foam family is soo cute…actually they look like some kind of dessert rolled in sprinkles :P. Makes me want to eat them!

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