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Happy Fall Festival!

Or rather, happy extra one hour!... not that it matters to me because I'm up every two hours! Anyway, here's Calvin and Charissa "posing" together before heading out to the fall festival at Church:

The fall festival is Calvin and Charissa's first carnival. And they had a blast! While Charissa was content with the ducky pond and cookie, Calvin was busy collecting tickets:

Feel the Love Calvin and Charissa just adore their little baby brother. Here are some pictures to share (sorry, not a lot of writing here. I am running on very little sleep so my thoughts are not very coherent... that, and I haven't had time to do anything else worth posting about...)

And finally, a look at all three of our kiddos at one-month of age. Can you tell who is who?

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3 Responses to “Happy Autumn Festival!”

Mandy Says:

The middle one is Charissa but not sure about Calvin and Stephen. Maybe the first picture is Calvin…. =P

Janet Says:

Charissa almost looks the same height as Calvin in the top picture. Calvin looks like such a mature older brother, ready for kindergarten next year….then you see the picture next to it and oh, there’s the Calvin I know! Silly boy hahaha!!

I think you ordered them 1, 2, 3.

Thuy Says:

I love all these pictures and I love Charissa in the pumpkin hairclip! So adorable!!
Check out that sweet baby boy of yours =)

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