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The Little Things

Our current "little thing":

Labor and Delivery Story Tuesday, October 6, 2009 I had just pulled out my sewing machine at 8:45 p.m. when I got my first "real" contraction. Since D-Day was still a week away, I didn't think much of it. But two contractions later (at 9 p.m.), I was putting away my Etsy stuff, writing and leaving notes for whoever was going to house-sit for the night, messaging Jeremy to hurry home from night school, and trying to remember what exactly goes into "the hospital bag". We managed to find and check into the hospital a little after 10 p.m. After telling the resident doctor to "hurry it up, because my babies come fast" (He asked me for my "story"... I don't really know what he meant... story of how the baby came about???...), I was rushed into the delivery room where I gave birth to Stephen about 5 minutes later at 10:33 (the resident was like "Whoa, you weren't kidding when you said your babies come fast!") Anyway, giving birth with no epidural is seriously painful (Jeremy has the scabs to prove it!) I must say that God is plenty gracious and merciful for giving me short labors! The Little Things I was able to put together a couple baby blankets for Stephen before Tuesday. I absolutely love this print and ended up buying the rest of the bolt. Anyway, bundling him up in it made me happy :)

And check out his rad hat. The nurse on duty brought me three hats to choose from: your typical white and blue, and then this awesome green!

Here are some pictures of Calvin and Charissa with their new baby brother!

It's so cute, they are constantly telling me that "I looove baby Stephen! He's cuuute!" I've even caught them stroking his head and whispering "It's okay..." when he's crying in his crib. Awww! As Jeremy said, having three really makes the family feel complete :) Speaking of little things, I got some adorable hair accessories from lollieliciousdesigns the other day. Not only does Charissa love picking out a different one to prance around throughout the day, I also love them because they stay in her hair, which is crucial when you have an active one! Aren't they pretty?!


7 Responses to “The Little Things”

Eric Says:

Congratulations to both you and Jeremy :) I am so happy for all of you!

Thuy Says:

Hi Jen,

Can I tell you CONGRATULATIONS on your sweet bundle of joy! He is simply adorable and a HIGH FIVE to you for delivery without any meds… *ouch* but on the same note, I did the same with my son, he came so quick that there was no time for anything and I must say, it was all worth it….look at your new love and I love the adorable blanket you made for him. That pattern is so cute! I can see that big sis and big bro are very proud of their new little brother and I love the pictures of Charissa with all the hair goodies. She looks so cute in that flower clip!! I love it! Thanks for sharing the pictures!!! Wishing you many happy days ahead….!! <3

Thuy =)

Janet Says:

hahah i love how your labor story is only like a paragraph long….if only we were all like you! =P
is jeremy SURE he doesn’t want a 4th??!
love the pattern on the blanket!
charissa has matured a lot in just a few months…can’t wait to see you guys next month!

Amy Says:

FIVE MINUTES!? whoa craziness. congrats again guys. he’s precious. i love your little family. and we’re a big fan of lolilicious hair accessories too! =)

Jillian Chen Says:

Stephen is so cute… just like his brother and sister.

Mandy Says:

3 WOWs - five minutes, without epidural and the precious baby ~~~
Congratulations, Jen!!!

Christy Horner Says:

Congratulations Jen and Jeremy!
Your new little guy is so cute :-* kiss for the baby!

I had Rachel without epidural too, it was my best recovery ever. Hopefully your recovery goes well too! We miss you guys — Josh and Naomi like the pictures of Calvin and Charissa. Jason thinks your pictures of Stephen are Rachel :-) ha ha

Jeremy, the kids, and I are all at Williamsburg this week. We have had a good time touring but we’re taking it easy today and I’m finally getting to check email and websites. I’ve been too busy this fall to do much on the computer, but I do love checking your site, especially all your cute Etsy projects.

I’ll be praying that your recovery goes well and that you all enjoy the baby!

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