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Another Family Tree

For those who read my blog regularly, you'll remember the family tree the kids and I put together one morning with the randomly glued-on macaroni pieces:

family tree

As much fun that project was... and cute, with crooked pictures and all, I decided it was time for it to go and be forever only digitally "remembered". (Plus after hosting playgroup last week, the picture was almost pasta-free, if you get what I mean ;) ) So I've been eyeing this particular family tree for the past three or four years now. But the $100 price tag completely derails any temptation to purchase it, even as a gift (I mean, all it is is two frames and some paper...). With all my scrap fabric lying around, I decided to attempt my own version of the poshed-up family tree, but for much less:

For a more "organic" look, I zigzagged the edges of the leaves and flowers. But you can easily have done the project with felt and no sewing... or with colored paper... or even white paper colored in with markers or crayons... but I had fabric scraps... I spent $8 on two framed cork boards. Why cork? Because I plan on pinning on some fun fabric flowers or little bugs for the kids to "discover"... when I get around to it :) You can download my tree template here.

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Amy Says:

You’re amazing jen! You have no idea how many peole hamlin and I have so proudly shared your blog with others. And we are such great advertisers of how awesome and super cute Calvin and Charissa are! Miss them so much!

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