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For My Little Boy

I've been so busy with Calvin starting school and my Etsy shop that I've neglected to update my blog on a more regular basis. I have a "blog queue" folder... and it has a lot of stuff in it. Anyway, remember that piece of fabric that Calvin picked out himself a while ago? I finally got around to making some pants out of it for him (and it was so easy! Should have made pants a looong time ago...)

The plan is to make a pair for Jeremy and the new baby... so all the boys in the family can rock this awesome print together!

My Etsy store has been doing pretty well. I've managed to pay off my sewing machine and nearly all the fabric, tools, and supplies I purchased from the beginning of my sewing adventure. Currently, the "My Little Pumpkin Tunic" has been the biggest seller. Jeremy calls it my cash cow. I've made 6 of these so far. I'm sort of sick of making them... not that I don't enjoy it... but it's a lot of time spent staring at plaid...

I have so many other ideas I want to try out, but I'm running out of time! I had my first internal a few days ago and the baby's head is down. He's also dropped, and I'm 1 cm dilated... I think it's time to map out the best route to the hospital, get a hospital tour (I've really been procrastinating), get those baby diapers, pack my hospital bag, and make an information sheet for whoever needs to initially cover for us when I go into labor. I really hope I don't end up delivering in the car or something crazy like that!

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One Response to “For My Little Boy”

Janet Says:

most of the time plaid seems overwhelming, as well as orange and black together, but i think this print is so cute!

hehe after baby comes, you should get a pic of all 3 boys wearing their pants while playing rockband. they can be their own band!

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