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Entering a New Phase

Tomorrow will be Calvin's first day of school. He is so incredibly excited. We went to meet his teacher on Tuesday, and as soon as we arrived, he kissed me goodbye thinking that he was staying. I don't really feel sad... I think because I know he'll love it (he's particularly looking forward to recess and eating lunch with the other kids.)

And now that he's gone for 6 hours a day, I finally have time to give Charissa my undivided attention! We're going to have so much fun doing girly things together! (I hope!) I am very much a schedule person. Not to say that I always follow my schedule, but it helps me visualize how much time I actually have to do what I need to do. Here's what I have planned: 7:00 Children's breakfast (Mommy's quiet time with God) 7:30 Free play (Mommy eats breakfast) 8:00 Get Ready 8:15 Leave for school 8:30 School drop-off 8:40 Grocery shopping 9:30 Morning craft with Charissa 9:50 Reading 10:10 Music and singing 10:30 Free play (Mommy's taking-care-of-business time) 11:00 Outdoor walk or wagon ride 11:20 Lunch and video 12:00 Nap (Mommy goes to work in her Etsy sweatshop) 2:00 Get Ready 2:15 Leave for school 2:30 School pick-up 2:45 Free play (Mommy cleans house) 3:15 Calvin's journaling/school debriefing time, Charissa's art time 3:30 Puzzle time with mommy 3:45 Free play and/or outdoor play (Mommy preps dinner) 4:30 Video (Mommy has a breather and cooks dinner) 5:30 Dinner 6:15 Family play time 7:00 Free play (Mommy's taking-care-of-business time) 7:30 Family worship 7:45 Kids get a bath 8:00 Bedtime reading 8:15 Get ready for bed 8:30 Children's bedtime (Mommy and daddy's free time!... Mommy goes back to Etsy sweatshop and plans out the next day. Daddy plays XBox.)

My Etsy shop is keeping me quite busy, and I feel that if I don't schedule in all the details, I'm going to have my priorities all mixed up. Got to remember what comes first :)

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3 Responses to “Entering a New Phase”

janet Says:

i hope calvin had a great first day!
hehe charissa will get your undivided attention for only about another month :P, poor middle kid, i can relate haha.
tsk tsk it looks like you’re employing child labor in your sweatshop…are you paying her in food? LOL

janet Says:

btw the time stamp is 2 hours behind

Jillian Chen Says:

wow! this is an impressive schedule…

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