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Tuesday, June 5th, 2012 | Link to this Post

Try it Tuesdays - Industrial Strength

Glucophage Cost, In the process of setting up the guest room for my "baby" sister (I guess 12 years-old is not so baby anymore...) who is boarding with us for the summer (yay!), I found myself in the market for a good-looking, strong, dependable, medium-build clothing rack. I think any other normal person would just have gone to their nearest Target/Walmart/Bed Bath and Beyond and bought one. But why do things the easy way, Glucophage recreational, especially when you fall for something like this:

I have a giant crush on anything industrial. Good thing it was out of stock... or $1,475 may have just mysteriously disappeared, Glucophage cost. Well, not really, Glucophage Cost. I think I am normal enough to say that the price tag is ridiculously high for a rack that is worth far more than what I have to hang on it.

But that doesn't mean I can't have it. Glucophage interactions, Or have something like it. Now make note that the cost of this project isn't super cheap. Glucophage Cost, For $20, you can get an everyday rack that is, at best, rated 3 wobbly stars on Amazon.com. Or spend closer to $100 for a commercial grade rack that looks like something from your nearest Target/Walmart/Bed Bath and Beyond... But for roughly one-tenth of the designer price, Glucophage over the counter, you can fashion your own commercial strength, non-wobbly, Get Glucophage, industrial style clothing rack (I kept the stickers on in case I didn't like how it turned out and wanted to disassemble it and return the parts).

At $14 each, the castors were the most expensive components of the project. You can easily make a non-rolling version, low dose Glucophage. Here is a quick step-by-step on how I made mine:


1, Glucophage Cost. Two 7"x24" wood boards, two 48" long black steel pipes, Glucophage australia, uk, us, usa, two 36" long black steel pipes

2. Twenty-four 14x1.5" flat Philips wood screws

3. Two 1/2"x3" black steel pipe nipples

4. Ruler, purchase Glucophage, pencil, drill

5. Two 1/2" floor flanges
Glucophage Cost, 6. Where can i order Glucophage without prescription, Two 1/2" 90o black steel elbows
7. Two 1/2" black steel tees
8. Four castors


Flange Placement

1. Mark the center (12" from the edge) of your boards, comprar en línea Glucophage, comprar Glucophage baratos, lengthwise.

2, Glucophage Cost. Mark the center of the of the line you drew from step 1 (3.5" from the edge, Glucophage natural, width-wise).

3. Make a mark 1.5" to the left and right of the mark one you made in step 2.

4, cheap Glucophage. Glucophage Cost, Using the marks you made in steps 1-3, place your flange and screw them in.

5. Tada. Purchase Glucophage online no prescription,

6. Place and screw in your castors. Placement is up to you and will vary depending on the size of your castor, Glucophage Cost.

7. Screw in one nipple into one of the flanges, rx free Glucophage.

8. Attach a T to the nipple from step 7.

Glucophage Cost, 9. Where can i buy Glucophage online, Attach a 36" pipe to the T from step 8.

10. Attach the second T to the other end of the 36" pipe from step 9.

11. Attach the second nipple to the T from step 10, Glucophage Cost.

12. Turn the whole thing upside down to aid in screwing the second board+flange into the T from step 11.

13. Stand the whole thing upright and screw in the two 48" pipes.

14. Attach the elbows to the tops of the two 48" pipes and screw in the second 36" pipe.



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Thursday, April 26th, 2012 | Link to this Post

Teach it Thursdays - Keeping Little Fingers Busy

Diflucan Cost, The other day I got a chance to spend the morning with Stephen in class. I love these class observation days as they always give me insights and ideas into what may keep our little Iron Man busy at home... Diflucan price,

As the two older ones require more one-on-one time, it's always a struggle to keep the little one from scribbling on homework papers or running off with the violin when no one's looking.

So anyway, order Diflucan from mexican pharmacy, one of the "works" (Montessori term for "activities") was a little wooden board of nails for the children to stretch rubber bands across into various forms. Order Diflucan online overnight delivery no prescription, Very simple, and it kept Stephen entertained for a good 10 minutes (which is a lot for him). He was also thoroughly engaged in cutting tiny strips of paper and doing dot pictures, Diflucan Cost. So after class, Diflucan pictures, I took him to Michael's and got a set of dot markers. Where to buy Diflucan, Visit my Resources page to find a list of places to print free dot-art pages. I also picked up a wooden slab for $3 to make my own rubber-band peg board. Here is a quick tutorial:

Rubber-Band Peg Board

You will need:

  • A wooden board (mine measured 10.5"x8")

  • Wooden screws (nails would work too, Diflucan long term, but since they are tiny and sharp... Diflucan Cost, and would make a good weapon if played with improperly... Online buying Diflucan, screws seemed a safer option)

  • Pencil

  • Ruler

  • Drill (or screwdriver)

1. Mark off every inch with your pencil and ruler to help with screw/nail placement.

2, discount Diflucan. Place a screw or nail according to your marks.

3, Diflucan Cost. Diflucan from mexico, Ta-da. All done.

Also during our trip to the craft store, Diflucan overnight, I picked up some sprigs and fake succulents to make a new wreath:

I spent $30, Buying Diflucan online over the counter, a bit more than my usual, but I really wanted something natural but "modern" (a.k.a. "not country"), about Diflucan. Diflucan Cost, You definitely pay up for non-tacky-you-can-spot-it's-a-fake sprigs...

Speaking of sprigs and sprouts... Diflucan price, coupon, When did my baby boy...

...get so big!!.

Calvin turned 7 earlier this week, herbal Diflucan. We had a small party for him at the Clubhouse Fun Center, complete with go-karting.., Diflucan Cost.

...that even little Stephen enjoyed... Diflucan maximum dosage,

...miniature golf, and arcade games. Our guests ranged from 2 years to 12 years, and there was something for everyone...

Embrace the dorkiness.

We also attended his second concert the night of his birthday:

Even Stephen enjoyed it:

Especially since they got some ice cream afterwards :)


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Thursday, March 8th, 2012 | Link to this Post

Teach it Thursdays

I've updated my "Word Families" worksheet page.

Retin A No Rx, Charissa is moving right along with reading. The same cannot be said about math, where can i order Retin A without prescription. Retin A reviews, I have to constantly remind myself not to get frustrated [insert my dear sister's claw-and-roar imitation of a tiger mom]. They say that couples are less likely to turn a disagreement into a bad argument if they hold hands, discount Retin A. Where to buy Retin A, Maybe the same applies to teaching children. Yeah, Retin A No Rx. So extra hugs tonight :)

Know the verse on love in 1 Corinthians, after Retin A. Cheap Retin A no rx, I've never given the passage any more thought other than "these are the attributes I need to work on or look for." Since having children, I've come to appreciate the fact that "patience" is listed first, order Retin A no prescription. No prescription Retin A online, By far, it has been the most challenging and ongoing lesson for me.., fast shipping Retin A. Online Retin A without a prescription, second to functioning on very little sleep... Retin A No Rx, and the troubling notion that I can't quite recall my children's first few months... It's all.., Retin A without prescription. Retin A street price, a haze...

Now that Calvin and Charissa are older, where can i cheapest Retin A online, Retin A no rx, we've started a chore chart via High Score House!. If you're looking for a way to motivate and keep tabs, Retin A australia, uk, us, usa, this site is great. Your child earns virtual stars/points for tasks completed which are then redeemable for whatever rewards you set.

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Thursday, September 22nd, 2011 | Link to this Post

Order Cipro, Teach it Thursdays. Here we go...

...following in the tradition of the Yeh kids.., Cipro trusted pharmacy reviews. Cipro description, (my siblings and I)...

(His elementary school offers free Suzuki lessons starting in first grade, Cipro class. Herbal Cipro, I know right. I'm surprised I don't see more parents getting in on this!) I did give him a choice of either violin or cello, Cipro used for, Cipro pharmacy, and I was honest with him: "Violin would be easier for me to help you since I know how to play, but the cello is a wonderful instrument too..."

Maybe Charissa will end up playing the cello, effects of Cipro. Cipro without a prescription, (I've secretly always wanted to play...)

Not much time today to write much, but here are the links to the second word family worksheets (click here for the consolidated word family page to be updated weekly):

Good night, fast shipping Cipro. Cipro over the counter, (This mommy needs some serious shut eye!). Buy no prescription Cipro online. Cipro photos. Purchase Cipro. Comprar en línea Cipro, comprar Cipro baratos. Cipro gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release.

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Thursday, September 15th, 2011 | Link to this Post

Cephalexin Mg, Teach it Thursdays. Chop, Lop, Cephalexin forum, and Crop

'Tis what we did to Charissa's long hair. Cephalexin from mexico, She looks so much more grown up and mature. Ack. Perhaps I should duct-tape those long wisps back to slow the clock down.., Cephalexin price.

Still needs an edible bribe of some sort to get in front of the camera, Cephalexin Mg. (And wear a dress. Order Cephalexin no prescription, She has her own sense of style now that doesn't include cute little frocks :( ... or buttons... or polkadots...)

Very into stripes though.., buy Cephalexin without a prescription.

Cephalexin Mg, Silly little big sister. Last year of preschool. Cephalexin coupon,

So now that school has begun and sanity has returned :) I am going to try and resurrect my weekly postings. Keyword: try. With the addition of violin, buy Cephalexin from canada, Chinese school, No prescription Cephalexin online, and swim lessons, who knows what will happen :)

Over the summer, I've been looking for the best approach to teach my 4-year old how to read, australia, uk, us, usa. She knew all the phonetics but just couldn't put the sounds together to form the word (which Calvin picked up in two days), Cephalexin Mg. We tried memorizing sight words, Cephalexin pictures, which worked only so-so. She memorized thirty words, but only knew half out of flashcard context, Cephalexin without prescription. So I decided to go with word families (like "chop, Cephalexin blogs, lop, and crop" :) ). Ta da, Cephalexin alternatives. Cephalexin Mg, Magic. The perfect combination of phonetics and memorization (i.e. Cephalexin pharmacy, remembering what "ack" spells/ sounds like).

I start out by introducing the common ending, underlining it in every word, Cephalexin online cod, and circling the beginning sounds:

Then we go over each word, write/trace the words, and review them once more via flashcards.

If you're interested in doing this with your child, here are some free printables for you to use. I will post one word family each Thursday. (Posting them in the same order that I am introducing to Charissa.)


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Thursday, May 26th, 2011 | Link to this Post

Teach it Thursdays

Bactrim For Sale, From working with and observing my own kids, I've found that the easiest ways to teach something to someone is to do so without the other party realizing they're actually learning it. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, Which is why songs/singing is such an effective way to impart information. Just the other week, Bactrim description, Bactrim from canadian pharmacy, Calvin and Charissa came home knowing all the seven continents thanks to a cute little song learned in school.

The past few days, Bactrim schedule, Low dose Bactrim, we've been playing "guess the letter!" or "guess the number!" by taking turns "writing" a letter or number on each other's backs with our finger for the other person to guess. It was really fun (lots of giggling) and gave us a chance to review the correct stroke order in forming letters, Bactrim price.

.., Bactrim For Sale. Bactrim no rx,

And it's been a while since I've posted a video of Calvin playing the piano. I haven't been great about being consistent in our daily practicing/lesson, Bactrim pics, Where can i find Bactrim online, but thanks to a new schedule*, I've been able to work with him every day:

A definite improvement from Brother John, what is Bactrim. Bactrim dangers,

Charissa started recently too. Perhaps I'll get a chance in the next day or two to capture her practicing a 5-finger pattern :)

*Instead of trying to squeeze in a bazillion things after school every day (consisting of math, online buy Bactrim without a prescription, Get Bactrim, piano, reading comprehension, buy Bactrim without prescription, Bactrim for sale, writing, and journaling) for both Calvin and Charissa, I broke it down to just two a day. Makes it sooo much easier to accomplish and be consistent!.

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Thursday, May 5th, 2011 | Link to this Post

Synthroid Dosage, Teach it. Synthroid from mexico, Thursdays - Kids Unplugged

Despite living without cable TV ever since we got married (almost eight years ago!), keeping our kids "unplugged" is a constant struggle, buy generic Synthroid. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, Not that we think computers and video games are bad, but we don't want them to become the only things they ever think about or want to do, order Synthroid from United States pharmacy. Order Synthroid online c.o.d, Which is proving to be a challenge for Calvin.

So I've made a "kids unplugged" box filled with photos/cards of various activities and crafts to mitigate the "Mommy, Synthroid dose. I'm bored, Synthroid Dosage. Synthroid pics, I don't know what to do" syndrome. All (except the food face one) are from my own collection of activities over the years, ordering Synthroid online. Synthroid alternatives, And more will be added as I come across others that I think they will enjoy.

(You can click on the photo for a larger view.) The goal isn't to have them copy what's on the card, buy no prescription Synthroid online, Synthroid steet value, but to let the photo and simple instruction/idea to inspire some creativity and imagination. Synthroid images. Synthroid dangers. Synthroid no prescription. Synthroid treatment.

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Thursday, April 28th, 2011 | Link to this Post

Armour Mg, Teach it. Thursdays - "I wish it were Friday"

So... Armour description, have you guys seen this music video. If you haven't, feel free to let your preschooler partake in this, doses Armour work. She will quickly learn what days constitute the weekend.

Seriously, Armour Mg. Fast shipping Armour, Really. A song about the days of the week(end). Apparently, australia, uk, us, usa, this lead singer's parents paid some producer a lot of moolah to make this for their daughter... Purchase Armour, just for fun...

...and then there's this:

Armour Mg, It is times like these that I'm super appreciative of all the Chinese school my parents put me through... the Chinese version is even more ridiculous than the English...

Anyway.., online buy Armour without a prescription.

My mother-in-law is a retired therapist who spent decades working with autistic and special needs children. Armour brand name, She has a TON of resources on how to play with kids and stimulate their brains and stuff like that :) So occasionally, I'll get a stack of books, a specialty toy, where can i buy cheapest Armour online, or a box with hundreds of activity cards for newborns to seven year-olds. So I thought I'd share some with you, Armour Mg. Armour canada, mexico, india, Since Stephen is roughly 18 months, here are a few age-appropriate activities you can try with your little one:

1. Unwrapping Cubes.
As your child watches, where can i buy Armour online, wrap a cube in tissue or gift paper. Online buying Armour, Place the wrapped cube in front of the child and encourage him to find/unwrap it.

2. Object Placing.
Armour Mg, Draw a circle on a piece of paper and have him place small objects (pegs, cubes, etc.) inside it.

3, where to buy Armour. Object Placing.
Using the game Connect4, Discount Armour, have him insert the coins until the entire stand is full.

4. Pudding Scribbles.
Spread chocolate pudding on a tray and have him "scribble" and smear, order Armour no prescription. (Ha, Armour Mg. Stephen would so enjoy this. Armour without prescription, Maybe I'll try this tomorrow right before his bath...)

Oh yeah, and back to the music video... got me thinking that songs are such a great way to help children (and adults) remember/memorize stuff. Calvin and Charissa apparently learned some sort of continent song at school. They sing it all the time. But at least they know all the continents now. Sigh. The power of music :).

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Thursday, April 14th, 2011 | Link to this Post

Lipitor For Sale, Teach it. Thursdays - Buttons and Zippers and Snaps, what is Lipitor, Lipitor dosage, Oh My!

Jeremy and I got a chance to tour Calvin and Charissa's classroom the other night to see the various works they are doing. I love perusing Montessori classrooms; Always full of learning activities that are easily put together using everyday items, Lipitor used for. Lipitor street price,

I've been meaning to make the kids something to help them practice buttoning, zipping, real brand Lipitor online, Buying Lipitor online over the counter, and snapping... like two years ago, Lipitor no prescription. But never too late :)

At school, they have each item mounted to boards, Lipitor For Sale. Is Lipitor safe, Since I don't have boards, I "mounted" them onto pillows, Lipitor cost. Lipitor photos, Here's how I did it.

1, Lipitor use. Lipitor samples, Gather up some old baby clothes that have buttons, zippers, Lipitor forum, Generic Lipitor, or snaps.

2. Lipitor For Sale, Button, zip, or snap your items and iron flat.

3. Cut off the sides and remove any collars or hoods that you don't want to include.

4, buy cheap Lipitor. You now have two pieces - front and back - keep the front (or whatever side contains the buttons/zipper/snaps).

5. Your items are ready for sewing into pillows.

6. Cut two rectangles that are equal in width to your item and roughly two inches longer, Lipitor For Sale. Lay your item right side facing up on one of the rectangles (also right side facing up if you're using a printed fabric for the pillow.)

7. Layer the other rectangle on top (right side down) to create a "sandwich".

8. Behold your sandwich. Pin the layers together.

9. Lipitor For Sale, Sew all the way around, leaving a three-inch opening for turning.

10. Turn your pillow right side out, stuff with polyfil, and handsew the opening shut.

Ta da.

Calvin and Charissa enjoy fidgeting with these. A nice little quiet activity :).

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Thursday, April 7th, 2011 | Link to this Post

Retin A Mg, Teach it. Retin A schedule, Thursdays - April showers...

...bring May FLOWERS.

This was such a fun project to do with Charissa, Retin A without a prescription. Retin A gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, No "during" pictures since my fingers had paint on them. But what an entertaining way to learn about colors and spend some quality mother-daughter time :)

Sort of a "duh" moment, canada, mexico, india, Buying Retin A online over the counter, but I realized today that pretty much anything can be turned into an educational experience for kids. From mundane household chores, to cooking, to crafting, to explaining why it is not appropriate to shout out "Hey mom, Retin A Mg. What a funny small man!" whenever they spot the midget who works at our local Wegman's, buy Retin A online cod. Rx free Retin A,

On a side note, I recently discovered that Connect Four can keep an 18 month old quite busy, buy generic Retin A. Retin A pictures, Letting your toddler fill in all the slots will not only improve his fine motor skills, but (hopefully) give you at least 10 minutes to daydream.., online buy Retin A without a prescription. Retin A over the counter, or play with your new iPad... which is what I'm going to go do now.., Retin A pics. Retin A trusted pharmacy reviews,


My iPad, in Peptol Bismol pink, order Retin A online overnight delivery no prescription. Retin A dosage,


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