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Friday, September 7th, 2012 | Link to this Post

And then there were six

Purchase Synthroid, Aside from the sun-kissed tans acquired from walking along the beaches in style...

...feasting on corn dogs and cotton candy, going to Legoland and Disney Land, order Synthroid from United States pharmacy, and everything else people do while on vacation in southern California... Taking Synthroid,

...we procured a fourth child over the summer:

For those who do not know, this is my youngest sister, born my freshman year in college, discount Synthroid. We are 19 years apart. Online Synthroid without a prescription,

Sparing all the details, Jeremy and I are officially her legal guardians. We've been fairly busy getting her registered and set up for school and music lessons.., Purchase Synthroid.

...and, after Synthroid, of course, Synthroid canada, mexico, india, her tween bedroom:

Seriously, do all 12-year-olds have this much stuff?. And oh yeah, order Synthroid from mexican pharmacy, they are not particularly tidy. Synthroid interactions, So the challenge was to create a relaxing space where she can neatly and easily display her collections, access her books, manage her clothes, buy cheap Synthroid, do her homework, Synthroid treatment, hang out with friends... And double as a family guest room.

With the existing furnishings in mind (a kelly green dresser and a sticker wall Purchase Synthroid, ), we decided to go with bold colors, starting with a faux, red headboard:

Here, a green dresser, a bulletin board, and what I like to call, a "wear again basket" - something I came up with when I was at my wit's end dealing with Charissa's constant change of outfits piling up in her closet floor. Basically, herbal Synthroid, a basket to throw articles of clothing that are barely worn, Synthroid street price, or not "dirty enough" to warrant a washing. All my kids have one in their rooms. (I toss everything in the basket into the wash once a week, Synthroid used for. Sure beats sniffing underwear and socks to determine what's clean and what's not!)

A self-made garment rack since the room does not have a closet:

A desk with a red frame on the wall to define the space for her hanging collection of beaded figurines and objects:

And of course, Buy Synthroid online cod, boxes to contain the clutter and chaos:

And mason jars for useful collectables:

To make use of the glass coffee table, I grabbed a whole bunch of $1 chunky bracelets from Michael's and glue-dotted them into formation as a way to contain and display her rock and fossil collections:

We also painted one wall a purplish blue and completed it all with a rolling library cart and wall hooks for hoodies and bags:

With a family of six to feed and clothe and four children's worth of stuff in school papers, music lessons, get Synthroid, tennis lessons, swim lessons, ski lessons... my ability to multi-task, plan, and organize my time is definitely being put to the test. For sure, I do much better with juggling loads of activities than with performing basic functions on 2-hour sleep increments. So no complaints here :) Although now I feel like I have to go make new friends/connections... you know, with people experienced in raising tweens and teens.

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Thursday, April 26th, 2012 | Link to this Post

Teach it Thursdays - Keeping Little Fingers Busy

Diflucan Cost, The other day I got a chance to spend the morning with Stephen in class. I love these class observation days as they always give me insights and ideas into what may keep our little Iron Man busy at home... Diflucan price,

As the two older ones require more one-on-one time, it's always a struggle to keep the little one from scribbling on homework papers or running off with the violin when no one's looking.

So anyway, order Diflucan from mexican pharmacy, one of the "works" (Montessori term for "activities") was a little wooden board of nails for the children to stretch rubber bands across into various forms. Order Diflucan online overnight delivery no prescription, Very simple, and it kept Stephen entertained for a good 10 minutes (which is a lot for him). He was also thoroughly engaged in cutting tiny strips of paper and doing dot pictures, Diflucan Cost. So after class, Diflucan pictures, I took him to Michael's and got a set of dot markers. Where to buy Diflucan, Visit my Resources page to find a list of places to print free dot-art pages. I also picked up a wooden slab for $3 to make my own rubber-band peg board. Here is a quick tutorial:

Rubber-Band Peg Board

You will need:

  • A wooden board (mine measured 10.5"x8")

  • Wooden screws (nails would work too, Diflucan long term, but since they are tiny and sharp... Diflucan Cost, and would make a good weapon if played with improperly... Online buying Diflucan, screws seemed a safer option)

  • Pencil

  • Ruler

  • Drill (or screwdriver)

1. Mark off every inch with your pencil and ruler to help with screw/nail placement.

2, discount Diflucan. Place a screw or nail according to your marks.

3, Diflucan Cost. Diflucan from mexico, Ta-da. All done.

Also during our trip to the craft store, Diflucan overnight, I picked up some sprigs and fake succulents to make a new wreath:

I spent $30, Buying Diflucan online over the counter, a bit more than my usual, but I really wanted something natural but "modern" (a.k.a. "not country"), about Diflucan. Diflucan Cost, You definitely pay up for non-tacky-you-can-spot-it's-a-fake sprigs...

Speaking of sprigs and sprouts... Diflucan price, coupon, When did my baby boy...

...get so big!!.

Calvin turned 7 earlier this week, herbal Diflucan. We had a small party for him at the Clubhouse Fun Center, complete with go-karting.., Diflucan Cost.

...that even little Stephen enjoyed... Diflucan maximum dosage,

...miniature golf, and arcade games. Our guests ranged from 2 years to 12 years, and there was something for everyone...

Embrace the dorkiness.

We also attended his second concert the night of his birthday:

Even Stephen enjoyed it:

Especially since they got some ice cream afterwards :)


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Monday, April 23rd, 2012 | Link to this Post

Signs of Spring

Lipitor Cost, Unbelievable. The guest who most definitely overstayed his welcome.

But hey, Lipitor coupon, it's upstate New York. Buy Lipitor online cod, I would expect nothing less :)

Despite the winter weather, the spring-clean bug has taken over much of my spare time. Along with sorting through closets, online buy Lipitor without a prescription, I've been slowly painting my way through the house.

The entry hallway before moving in.., Lipitor Cost. Buy no prescription Lipitor online,

The living room before moving in...


Getting ready to paint:

I ended up painting the living room twice since the initial color I chose looked completely off.

Hallway and foyer after:

The choice of the olive green wall (a.k.a, buy Lipitor no prescription. family photo gallery) is taken from the backs of the family room built-ins.

Lipitor Cost, Gallery wall almost complete. What is Lipitor,

The living room:

I think I'm starting to have a thing for green. In fact, I've always wanted to paint something kelly green, Lipitor dose. So I managed to pick up an all-wood dresser, Lipitor blogs, complete with dovetail joints, from Craigslist. It was pretty yucky at first sight, purchase Lipitor online. Grimy, gritty, shoddy paint job, loose drawers, dead bugs, etc, Lipitor Cost. I almost walked away from it. Lipitor no prescription, But after talking the owner down to $20, I figured I was willing to pay that much to get a chance to paint my one green object.

It took me four days to strip the entire thing, my Lipitor experience. Another day to sand it down, Lipitor from canada, wash it, and let it dry. Lipitor Cost, After three coats of paint and polyurethane and new knobs...

A closer look.., buy Lipitor without a prescription.

While loading the 6-drawer beast into my car, Lipitor use, I spotted a small side table, perfect size as a little desk for Charissa, sitting on the curb, where can i find Lipitor online. Likewise, it was dirty and yucky. But unlike the dresser, it was free... and in much better condition than the piece of junk (as Jeremy referred to it) I paid for :) So I took it home, stripped it, sanded it, and painted it purple:

Oh right, and I repainted Charissa's room for the third time.

Before moving in:

After moving in:

Last year:

And now, something a bit more grown-up and calm:


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Monday, September 5th, 2011 | Link to this Post

Too much black?

Buy Cephalexin No Prescription, This past Friday, I took the plunge and painted half of my kitchen walls with black chalkboard paint. Effects of Cephalexin, I'm still a little unsure of how I feel about the new look. Was sort of hoping to get something along the lines of:

or this:

or this:

with equally perfect "messy" handwriting, Cephalexin trusted pharmacy reviews. Cheap Cephalexin no rx, But alas, writing on a chalkboard is so much harder than it looks, Cephalexin price, coupon. Cephalexin reviews,

My MIL just about had a heart attack when she saw the walls ("BLACK?. It's so BLACK, Buy Cephalexin No Prescription. OMG, Cephalexin from canada, Buy Cephalexin online cod, you totally ruined your house with all this BLACK!") Surprisingly, Jeremy was okay with them, Cephalexin used for. Kjøpe Cephalexin på nett, köpa Cephalexin online, The kids love it, so much so that they've asked me to paint the rest of house black (don't worry MIL, where can i buy cheapest Cephalexin online, Buy cheap Cephalexin no rx, that won't happen.) I'm not completely sold. But maybe, buy Cephalexin no prescription. Cephalexin without prescription, Once my chalkboard writing skills improve...

I don't know, after Cephalexin. Cephalexin overnight, Paint over.

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Tuesday, May 24th, 2011 | Link to this Post

Try it Tuesdays - Unlikely Candidates

Purchase Flagyl, Some recent projects involving my effort to spend as little as possible... Flagyl maximum dosage,

1. Curtains:

I couldn't find curtains or fabric with wide horizontal gray stripes that were also 118" long, Flagyl forum. Is Flagyl safe, So I shelled out $40 for four twin-sized flat sheets, did a bit of slicing and dicing, Flagyl price, Buy Flagyl from canada, and then pieced them back together.

2, online buying Flagyl. Shelf:

Found this shelf on the curb, right down our street, Purchase Flagyl. Real brand Flagyl online, You can't see it from this picture, but one corner housed about 5 different colored ABC gum, kjøpe Flagyl på nett, köpa Flagyl online, Flagyl cost, the shelves were slightly bumpy from water damage, and the back was completely warped, Flagyl no rx. Purchase Flagyl online no prescription, But hey. It was free, buying Flagyl online over the counter. Flagyl over the counter,

After a lot of disinfecting, some Mod Podge, my Flagyl experience, Flagyl natural, a brush, and half a yard of fabric...

Purchase Flagyl, Complete with like-new books found at the local Goodwill store. For $1 each!!. And they're really good books too!!. Seriously, if you're looking to buy books for your children, check out the thrift store.

3. Made-over frame:

See that blue frame in the center housing a vintage cover of The New Yorker, Purchase Flagyl. It used to be a scratched-up cheap silver color. A few strips of blue painter's tape gave it a facelift.

4. Re-purposed tablecloth:

I decided tablecloths are just too fussy for me, so I re-purposed mine into a curtain:

And there you have it. My almost non-Tuesday post since I tend to blog right before bed :)

Oh right, and for my family, pictures of the kiddos:


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Friday, May 6th, 2011 | Link to this Post

While you were gone...

Diflucan Over The Counter, Jeremy's been in Texas this week on a business trip. And as some of you know, purchase Diflucan for sale, Where can i order Diflucan without prescription, I try to make the most of all those lonely nights :)

I've been meaning to repaint the house ever since moving in. After two years, Diflucan mg, Diflucan reviews, I've only done Calvin and Charissa's rooms and the mudroom. So Wednesday evening, order Diflucan online overnight delivery no prescription, Diflucan price, coupon, our family room went from this:

to this:

to this:

to this:

to this:

and finally, after 5 hours of taping, cheap Diflucan no rx, Diflucan wiki, painting, playing Words with Friends, where can i buy Diflucan online, Doses Diflucan work, and watching paint dry, I finished:

I feel like the painted backs "grounds" the room (too white before) and makes the space feel more cozy (my inspiration photo), buy Diflucan without prescription. Purchase Diflucan online, Now I just have to sew up some curtains, install a new fireplace surround, Diflucan pictures, Diflucan brand name, and wait for my new sofa to arrive. Perhaps a few more business trips and the rest of the house will finally get done, Diflucan trusted pharmacy reviews.

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Wednesday, May 4th, 2011 | Link to this Post

Breaking Out of the Box

Tramadol Over The Counter, Having Kleenex/facial tissues is pretty much a necessity in any house... Canada, mexico, india, But I always "hide" mine; The brown or puke green marbled boxes don't sit well with me, design-wise, online Tramadol without a prescription. Herbal Tramadol, So I was delighted to come across something more aesthetically pleasing:

A little steep for a tissue holder, but at least I can now proudly put my them on display.., Tramadol results. Effects of Tramadol, where the rest of the family can easily access and find... and right underneath the drum pendant I recently bought for $50, Tramadol class. Seriously, all other drum pendants I've searched for were well over $100:

In other news, after my previous failed attempts to grow something green in our house, I finally found something that won't die.., Tramadol Over The Counter. Tramadol coupon, either from kids knocking it over or from pure bad luck ;)

SCALLIONS. At 99 cents per bunch, Tramadol from canada, Cheap Tramadol, growing them on your own will definitely preserve other forms of greenery. And it's so easy, Tramadol description. After Tramadol, Just stick the bottom portion into a cup of water and watch it grow. You'll need to change the water every couple of days, Tramadol online cod. Tramadol dosage, But otherwise, even if they get knocked over, where can i buy cheapest Tramadol online, Tramadol used for, just stick them back in a cup of water and you're good to go. No messy dirt to clean up. Definitely MY kind of gardening :).

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Wednesday, April 13th, 2011 | Link to this Post

Synthroid Price, Unfortunately, my own version of a sticker wall in my personal home and sticker artwork that I did with Charissa as a fun activity are being regarded as copyright infringement. Synthroid pictures, Not sure how since the pattern and sticker choices were of my own creation. Only the idea of sticking stickers on the wall came from here, taking Synthroid. Synthroid mg, Wonder what this means for the millions of other bloggers or Etsy crafters who get inspired by other artists... And I'm not even selling my services to recreate or install anything of the like, buy Synthroid online no prescription.

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Tuesday, April 5th, 2011 | Link to this Post

Synthroid Cost, Try it. Tuesdays - Injecting Spring

I love fall and winter, Synthroid dangers. Purchase Synthroid for sale, But seriously, I am so sick of snow, Synthroid for sale. Synthroid price, It would be nice to step outside and see some colors besides white, gray, Synthroid dose, Synthroid from mexico, and brown.

Maybe that's why I went more bold with choosing paint colors for my kid's rooms, fast shipping Synthroid.

Sigh, Synthroid Cost. Where can i order Synthroid without prescription, I love painting. Instant gratification, Synthroid without prescription. Synthroid price, coupon, And a nice break from sitting in front of my sewing machine.

A while back, Synthroid street price, Where can i find Synthroid online, I did a trade with Cranberries and Capers. Synthroid Cost, She is a master of color coordination.

I used the butterscotch yellow and light pink clip as my inspiration for Charissa's room:

I know, Synthroid class. Synthroid steet value, A bit on the bright side. But I wanted the room to reflect Charissa's happy and giggly nature :)

I only had to paint one wall in Calvin's room:

And just because, Synthroid images, I decided to dress up a cute little beer bottle (Yes. I am that desperate for spring):

I have no idea what I'm going to do with this now. But in case you're itching to see some signs of life or add some color, here are two fun projects to try out.

From the crafting chicks:

So pretty and simple.

And from decor hacks, a fun sticker project.

...now I want to go and paint the rest of my house...

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Wednesday, June 9th, 2010 | Link to this Post

Mini Basement Tour

Purchase Cephalexin, For those of you who've asked to see where I work, this post is for you. And while I'm at it, get Cephalexin, Cephalexin no rx, I'll show you the rest of our "newly" finished (in January of this year) basement. Here we go, Cephalexin reviews. Cephalexin schedule,

Introducing our basement.

Divided into three areas (unintentionally, Cephalexin recreational. It was a product of all the heating units and furnaces placed smack in the center): the kids cave, the man cave, and the woman cave (my area), Purchase Cephalexin. Buying Cephalexin online over the counter,

Coming down...

...is the kid cave, purchase Cephalexin online no prescription, Cephalexin pictures, outfitted with a play kitchen, a little house of balloons, buy Cephalexin no prescription, Buy no prescription Cephalexin online, and an under-the-staircase hideout complete with cushions and a mattress:

Further in, is the man cave, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, Online buying Cephalexin, an area where I have to exercise a lot of self-control to not touch or attempt to clean up:

Okay, I did "womanize" (as Jeremy likes to put it) some parts of it.., where can i cheapest Cephalexin online. Buy Cephalexin without prescription, but his desk is strictly off limits:

And alas, my very own cave where I run my sweatshop and attempt to keep my ever growing pile of fabric and notions at bay:

My quilting "rack" (which is just the rack part of those toy bin shelves you find at Target, low dose Cephalexin. I got mine on clearance for $13, which was a great deal considering they usually sell for $60.)

And that is the beginning of Charissa's quilt... Purchase Cephalexin, which I'll get to someday...

And alas, my treadmill, which sadly, gets almost no attention from me...

And that's it. Hope you enjoyed the mini tour.


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