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Monday, November 19th, 2012 | Link to this Post

13 Years

And it all comes down to this:

Diflucan No Rx, My baby sister...

...looks a lot like my own mini.., Diflucan pics. Low dose Diflucan,

Putting together a party for a group of highly energized girly divas is pretty easy. Crafts, fast shipping Diflucan, Diflucan price, bowling, pizza, buying Diflucan online over the counter, Diflucan trusted pharmacy reviews, mafia, movies, buy no prescription Diflucan online, Diflucan from canada, chips, sleepover.., Diflucan recreational. Diflucan alternatives,

And of course, decorations:

Easy rainbow style streamers:

And happy birthday banner stamped on pages of a vintage book:

I could seriously go into hibernation right now.., order Diflucan no prescription. Diflucan class, :). Diflucan coupon. Australia, uk, us, usa. Diflucan dosage.

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Tuesday, October 30th, 2012 | Link to this Post

The Letter of the Day is...

Armour No Rx, "F" is for Five Guys... Rx free Armour, Fall... Family.., ordering Armour online. Armour reviews,


...Fluffies.., Armour no rx.

...and Fighting, Armour No Rx. Armour samples,

After much deliberation, the kids decided to be ninjas for Halloween, real brand Armour online. Armour duration, 'Tis a busy mother's dream come true with only belts and sword-sticks to make and easily re-wearable-store-bought hoodies, pants, Armour photos, Buy generic Armour, and ski mask.

A menacing lot with a one-eyed bandit.., online buying Armour. Armour dose,

...an undercover model...

Armour No Rx, ...and a mischievous charmer...

Fighting, Armour overnight. Armour cost, It's a dangerous thing.

Especially when words are in play, buy cheap Armour no rx. Is Armour addictive, So I made some guidelines for all to follow:

Good reminder. Even for the adults :) If only relationships were always this pleasant.., Armour No Rx.

And if you're keen on making the felt flower wreath, here is a quick visual tutorial... just in time for my irregular "Try it Tuesdays" post:

Felt Floral Wreath Tutorial

(You will also need glue dots or hot glue.)

Super quick and easy.

Ta da.


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Friday, September 7th, 2012 | Link to this Post

And then there were six

Purchase Synthroid, Aside from the sun-kissed tans acquired from walking along the beaches in style...

...feasting on corn dogs and cotton candy, going to Legoland and Disney Land, order Synthroid from United States pharmacy, and everything else people do while on vacation in southern California... Taking Synthroid,

...we procured a fourth child over the summer:

For those who do not know, this is my youngest sister, born my freshman year in college, discount Synthroid. We are 19 years apart. Online Synthroid without a prescription,

Sparing all the details, Jeremy and I are officially her legal guardians. We've been fairly busy getting her registered and set up for school and music lessons.., Purchase Synthroid.

...and, after Synthroid, of course, Synthroid canada, mexico, india, her tween bedroom:

Seriously, do all 12-year-olds have this much stuff?. And oh yeah, order Synthroid from mexican pharmacy, they are not particularly tidy. Synthroid interactions, So the challenge was to create a relaxing space where she can neatly and easily display her collections, access her books, manage her clothes, buy cheap Synthroid, do her homework, Synthroid treatment, hang out with friends... And double as a family guest room.

With the existing furnishings in mind (a kelly green dresser and a sticker wall Purchase Synthroid, ), we decided to go with bold colors, starting with a faux, red headboard:

Here, a green dresser, a bulletin board, and what I like to call, a "wear again basket" - something I came up with when I was at my wit's end dealing with Charissa's constant change of outfits piling up in her closet floor. Basically, herbal Synthroid, a basket to throw articles of clothing that are barely worn, Synthroid street price, or not "dirty enough" to warrant a washing. All my kids have one in their rooms. (I toss everything in the basket into the wash once a week, Synthroid used for. Sure beats sniffing underwear and socks to determine what's clean and what's not!)

A self-made garment rack since the room does not have a closet:

A desk with a red frame on the wall to define the space for her hanging collection of beaded figurines and objects:

And of course, Buy Synthroid online cod, boxes to contain the clutter and chaos:

And mason jars for useful collectables:

To make use of the glass coffee table, I grabbed a whole bunch of $1 chunky bracelets from Michael's and glue-dotted them into formation as a way to contain and display her rock and fossil collections:

We also painted one wall a purplish blue and completed it all with a rolling library cart and wall hooks for hoodies and bags:

With a family of six to feed and clothe and four children's worth of stuff in school papers, music lessons, get Synthroid, tennis lessons, swim lessons, ski lessons... my ability to multi-task, plan, and organize my time is definitely being put to the test. For sure, I do much better with juggling loads of activities than with performing basic functions on 2-hour sleep increments. So no complaints here :) Although now I feel like I have to go make new friends/connections... you know, with people experienced in raising tweens and teens.

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Monday, August 20th, 2012 | Link to this Post

How Many Takes Does it Require...

Buy Cipro No Prescription, ...to get one decent passport photo of a two-year-old. (click to enlarge)

, buy Cipro from mexico. Canada, mexico, india. Cipro mg. Buy Cipro no prescription. Purchase Cipro. Cipro dangers. Purchase Cipro online. Cheap Cipro. Cipro schedule. Cipro images. Cipro no prescription. Cipro long term. Cipro description. Cipro use. Where to buy Cipro.

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Sunday, August 19th, 2012 | Link to this Post


Glucophage Dosage, Scary how packed our summer has been to even squeeze in a blog post. Much has transpired since June, Glucophage wiki, Glucophage price, coupon, including a California vacation, a trip to Little Rock, Glucophage blogs, Glucophage pictures, and some new additions to the family :)

Scary how time flies. How fast kids grow up, purchase Glucophage for sale. Glucophage without a prescription, How laundry spontaneously multiplies...

Scary how long Charissa has been wearing this shirt:

Talk about "bang for your buck" and "cost per wear", Glucophage canada, mexico, india. For my own amusement, I decided to track back to the first photo I have of her in this shirt and then every picture and video after that.., Glucophage Dosage. Buy Glucophage without prescription,

December 2010:

February 2011:

July 2011:

December 2011:

March 2012:


And there you have it: The Evolution of the Green Hello Kitty Shirt. I know you can't always see the shirt in it's entirety and full glory, order Glucophage no prescription. Glucophage description, But trust me. It's the same shirt, generic Glucophage.

Glucophage Dosage, Two years. Glucophage no rx, She wears it at least once a day with no indication of stopping anytime soon. It will be fun.., Glucophage results. Glucophage photos, scary fun... to see how long this lasts ;), Glucophage class.

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Wednesday, June 13th, 2012 | Link to this Post

Tramadol Price, Oh where, oh where...

...has my baby girl gone?. Oh where, Tramadol trusted pharmacy reviews, Doses Tramadol work, oh where is her hair.

'Tis on the floor in some fancy salon, Tramadol mg. Canada, mexico, india, Oh why did I cut her long hair?. :(

...so they don't get tangled in with her spaghetti.., is Tramadol safe. Ordering Tramadol online,

...and because it is easier to care during the summer...

...but now she looks so much older.., Tramadol brand name. Buy Tramadol from canada,

...old enough to do a great job making her bed every morning and keeping her room tidy:

. Fast shipping Tramadol. Order Tramadol from United States pharmacy. Buy cheap Tramadol no rx. Tramadol reviews. Buy cheap Tramadol. Tramadol schedule. Tramadol street price.

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Saturday, June 2nd, 2012 | Link to this Post

May Madness

Synthroid Mg, Seriously, everything with kids happens in May.

...parent-teacher conferences, where can i cheapest Synthroid online, Synthroid pics, parties, Mother's Day.., purchase Synthroid for sale. Synthroid pharmacy,

From Charissa - A beautiful bouquet of her favorite colored flowers:

From Jeremy - The power to erase any evidence that we have kids:

...Calvin's first studio recital...

...and a much-needed and anticipated trip down to Little Rock for my little sister's baby shower, is Synthroid addictive. Taking Synthroid,

A chic little mama.

Sigh, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. Synthroid from canadian pharmacy, A weekend of shopping, eating, kjøpe Synthroid på nett, köpa Synthroid online, Synthroid without a prescription, getting a massage and pedi, and sleeping in.., Synthroid steet value. Synthroid samples,

But my heart still belongs to these little munchkins...

Now if I can just get over this ear infection.., online Synthroid without a prescription. Buy Synthroid from mexico. Effects of Synthroid.

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Thursday, April 26th, 2012 | Link to this Post

Teach it Thursdays - Keeping Little Fingers Busy

Diflucan Cost, The other day I got a chance to spend the morning with Stephen in class. I love these class observation days as they always give me insights and ideas into what may keep our little Iron Man busy at home... Diflucan price,

As the two older ones require more one-on-one time, it's always a struggle to keep the little one from scribbling on homework papers or running off with the violin when no one's looking.

So anyway, order Diflucan from mexican pharmacy, one of the "works" (Montessori term for "activities") was a little wooden board of nails for the children to stretch rubber bands across into various forms. Order Diflucan online overnight delivery no prescription, Very simple, and it kept Stephen entertained for a good 10 minutes (which is a lot for him). He was also thoroughly engaged in cutting tiny strips of paper and doing dot pictures, Diflucan Cost. So after class, Diflucan pictures, I took him to Michael's and got a set of dot markers. Where to buy Diflucan, Visit my Resources page to find a list of places to print free dot-art pages. I also picked up a wooden slab for $3 to make my own rubber-band peg board. Here is a quick tutorial:

Rubber-Band Peg Board

You will need:

  • A wooden board (mine measured 10.5"x8")

  • Wooden screws (nails would work too, Diflucan long term, but since they are tiny and sharp... Diflucan Cost, and would make a good weapon if played with improperly... Online buying Diflucan, screws seemed a safer option)

  • Pencil

  • Ruler

  • Drill (or screwdriver)

1. Mark off every inch with your pencil and ruler to help with screw/nail placement.

2, discount Diflucan. Place a screw or nail according to your marks.

3, Diflucan Cost. Diflucan from mexico, Ta-da. All done.

Also during our trip to the craft store, Diflucan overnight, I picked up some sprigs and fake succulents to make a new wreath:

I spent $30, Buying Diflucan online over the counter, a bit more than my usual, but I really wanted something natural but "modern" (a.k.a. "not country"), about Diflucan. Diflucan Cost, You definitely pay up for non-tacky-you-can-spot-it's-a-fake sprigs...

Speaking of sprigs and sprouts... Diflucan price, coupon, When did my baby boy...

...get so big!!.

Calvin turned 7 earlier this week, herbal Diflucan. We had a small party for him at the Clubhouse Fun Center, complete with go-karting.., Diflucan Cost.

...that even little Stephen enjoyed... Diflucan maximum dosage,

...miniature golf, and arcade games. Our guests ranged from 2 years to 12 years, and there was something for everyone...

Embrace the dorkiness.

We also attended his second concert the night of his birthday:

Even Stephen enjoyed it:

Especially since they got some ice cream afterwards :)


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Friday, March 9th, 2012 | Link to this Post

Fire it Up Fridays - Reviews on Fine Dining and Not-So-Fine Driving

Cipro Mg, So while driving like a crazy lady to Calvin's school to drop off his red shirt that he was supposed to wear today and that I was reminded via email twice within the last 48 hours but still forgot... I came up with a new theory on why women are purportedly worse drivers than men.

Because the majority of women drivers are mothers.

You see, Cipro used for, if the car in front of you is being annoyingly cautious with a turn at a light, and the driver is a woman, Cipro without prescription, she's probably a new mother going out with her new baby for the first time and hyper-risk-averse for fear of getting into a fatal accident...

...or a mother who has another person's child(ren) in the car and God forbid something bad happening on your watch...

...or a mother who just received a call from the school about a supposedly sick child who's not feeling bad enough to definitely go home but not well enough to refrain from making multiple trips down to the nurse's office.., Cipro Mg. to pick up or not. The internal debate will slow her down.., cheap Cipro no rx.

Or if you see a mini-van drag-racing down the street, and the driver is a woman, Buy generic Cipro, she's probably a new mother with a feverish baby who needs to get to the doctor's office RIGHT NOW for fear of brain damage or worse...

...or a mother who has another person's child(ren) in the car showing off their karate moves and needs to get home before something bad happens... Cipro Mg, ...or a mother who just remembered she forgot to dress her child in red and now, because of HER negligence, is the ONLY one in his entire class not wearing red which will most definitely scar him for life... will drive like an insane person to deliver that red shirt.

And because most mothers are sleep deprived, Cipro gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. And according to a recent study, "getting less than 6 hours a night can affect coordination, Online buying Cipro hcl, reaction time and judgment..." (click here for original article).

Anyway, that's the end of my "Not-So-Fine Driving" portion.

Back in February, Jeremy and I took our annual NYC fine dining trip, Cipro Mg. This time, Cipro treatment, we stayed at the Hudson Hotel thanks to Will. [waves excitedly to Will who probably doesn't even read this blog]. Cipro online cod, Great location. Right around the corner from Columbus Circle:

We made our second trip back to Momofuku Ko. Cipro Mg, They have a no-photography rule, so this is the closest we'll get:

The food was painfully good. I think we counted close to 20 courses. I couldn't eat my last two savory dishes, Cipro price. But I finished all the dessert courses. Because, Cipro natural, you know, I have a separate stomach for that ;) And since going, I now have a third stomach just for the last course which was this miso-ice-cream-with-tapioca-and-some-other-deliciousness-that-I-can't-recall in a cone. I still think about it.., Cipro Mg. sigh.., Cipro maximum dosage.

We tried two new places; Daniel (Beware. this website plays annoying music)... Rx free Cipro,

Excellent food. Cipro Mg, Nothing super creative, but everything was well-made. Our chef at Ko referred to Daniel as "the place for old people". Ha. I guess she's right now that I think about it, where can i buy Cipro online, considering the waiter thought we were newly-weds...

...and Marea...

...which we visited several hours after Ko, Cipro Mg. About Cipro, So not a full-blown meal. Perfect late-night snack type of place.

Oh yeah, and the Lounge at Per Se, buy cheap Cipro no rx. I've lost track of how many times we've been here:

And to work it all off, we went shopping (or I should say, I went shopping):

Disclaimer. Cipro Mg, I swear to you I didn't wear the same outfit everyday. It just appears that way in the photos...

Oh yeah, for all you other foodies out there, here is a review you must read. I swear I kept on scrolling up to make sure it wasn't something from the Onion. All this review is missing are some poorly-lit pictures taken by a second-rate camera :) Our favorite line...

"Instead of the raspberry lemonade she suggested, I drank water."

Apparently, people were making fun of this 85-year-old lady. So now I feel bad. Maybe we should go to Olive Garden tonight for dinner...

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Thursday, March 8th, 2012 | Link to this Post

Teach it Thursdays

I've updated my "Word Families" worksheet page.

Retin A No Rx, Charissa is moving right along with reading. The same cannot be said about math, where can i order Retin A without prescription. Retin A reviews, I have to constantly remind myself not to get frustrated [insert my dear sister's claw-and-roar imitation of a tiger mom]. They say that couples are less likely to turn a disagreement into a bad argument if they hold hands, discount Retin A. Where to buy Retin A, Maybe the same applies to teaching children. Yeah, Retin A No Rx. So extra hugs tonight :)

Know the verse on love in 1 Corinthians, after Retin A. Cheap Retin A no rx, I've never given the passage any more thought other than "these are the attributes I need to work on or look for." Since having children, I've come to appreciate the fact that "patience" is listed first, order Retin A no prescription. No prescription Retin A online, By far, it has been the most challenging and ongoing lesson for me.., fast shipping Retin A. Online Retin A without a prescription, second to functioning on very little sleep... Retin A No Rx, and the troubling notion that I can't quite recall my children's first few months... It's all.., Retin A without prescription. Retin A street price, a haze...

Now that Calvin and Charissa are older, where can i cheapest Retin A online, Retin A no rx, we've started a chore chart via High Score House!. If you're looking for a way to motivate and keep tabs, Retin A australia, uk, us, usa, this site is great. Your child earns virtual stars/points for tasks completed which are then redeemable for whatever rewards you set.

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